Best flash for the K10d

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by tripanfal, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. OK, I have decided to go with the K10 over the K20. I just can't justify the
    extra money at this point. What I need is some advice on the best flash for
    the K10d. What I'm looking for is the fastest recycle time so a flash and
    power pack combination would be optimal.

    I've done a bunch of research but i'm looking for a setup someone is actually
    using and and feedback would be appreciated.

  2. Best for what usage, studio, macro, sports? Battery or a/c powered? Camera mount? TTL, auto or manually adjustable power output?

    A studio type pack and flash head or a mono light meets your stated needs. You can get a battery pack for them as well.
  3. Hmmm.. Sorry. You're right

    Just looking for a shoe mount flash with a battery pack that will give me a fast recycle time. TTL and P-TTL. Shooting the kids, indoor events, etc... My biggest pet peeve is slow recycle times.
    I'm shooting a wedding this summer so I need something for that as well. I have plenty of backup gear for it but I'm looking for the best setup for the K10d which will be my primary camera.
  4. I really enjoy using my Pentax 360 FGZ with my k10d. I especially like the built in wireless control. I sometimes hold it in my other hand and aim it in odd directions behind me to get certain bounce. The P-TTL makes it so easy.
  5. If you want a battery pack, Pentax offers one for the AF-540FGZ but not the AF-360FGZ. I like the AF-540FGZ for the most part but haven't tried the battery pack. I'll also suggest that flash battery selection may have an impact on best recycle performance though I don't have any particular recommendations on that front.
  6. Thanks Andrew, That Pentax pack looks lame, I've seen it before, I'm thinking of a DIY solution. If I do it, I'll post details.


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