Best film for 30x40 enlargments

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  1. Hi I have a client that wants some photos taken of thier family and
    the enlargments need to be pretty large, 30x40. I was thinking about
    using fuji npc 160 rating it at 200. Does anyone think that there
    may be a problem with grain with this film at this size of an
    enlargment. I have gone as large as 16x20 with no problem with NPC
    but I worry that this large there might be trouble. Any suggestions
    on a different film or should this be fine. Thanks!
  2. Virtually any film will yield grain at that size, but the viewing distance of a 30x40 is NOT close up. If anything, I'd overexpose it a TAD, not under.
  3. You dont say what format you use?Fine grain films will only do so much.But there is a big difference between a 645 & a 6X7 negative!Medium format negs are routinely made into 30 or 40 inch prints,as has been pointed out one doesnt view these from very close.
  4. david_henderson


    If you have it drum scanned and printed on a LightJet I don't
    imagine you'll see much grain at all and it could be sharp
    enough so viewing distance will be less of an issue. It would
    cost you/ your client a lot though.
  5. Sorry I forgot to mention that it is 2.25x2.25.
    Thanks for the responses.
  6. Use a tripod and any good professioanl portrait film. I usually use Kodak.It is more important to focuse well and no camera movement. Lock the mirror up!
  7. You are getting a 20X enlargement; probably grain will be seen.....<BR><BR>Have your local prospective printer show you samples. Here we have 30x40" done with 4x5" ; 120 square; 35mm; APS; and 110 for chuckles; plus pure digital with barbie cam 1/4 VGA; VGA; 1.3Mp; 3.3; 6.0 Megapixel cameras. <BR><BR>Ektar 25 in 120 would be nice; but it is gone; saw some on Ebay one month ago!
  8. As has been suggested, focusing well, no camera movement; then you might be surprised to see the texture of skin before you see the grain! :)
  9. With any of the 160 print films, be they something like Fuji NPS or Kodak Portra, I find that I get good results exposing at EI 100. The negatives have good density, nice skin tone, and I think they print better than if exposed at 160. Probably worth shooting a couple test rolls ahead of time if you can.
  10. Justin

    I have made many 30 x 40 prints from hasselblad negs. I am not so sure that it is the film you use, as much as it is what a few others have stated. It is extremely important that the camera does not move. therefore, lock your mirror and have a solid tripod, and use a cable release. Another very important thing would be to use a good lens shade. if you do those things you can get very good quality 30 x 40 prints from 2 1/4 ISO 160 negs. One other thing that I did. When you get that big, its nice to have them mounted on canvas and have a little brush stroke put on them. once you have that done you won't notice anything. (and you can ask a considerable amount more money for them as well)


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