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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by stephanie_droman, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. We are starting a business where we will be posting a lot of pictures
    online. We are looking for a camera with a good flash and good zoom
    capabilities. Our customers are more non-technical than me and are
    looking for a camera that has a docking station for transferring the
    pictures as well as a recharger, aka like a palm pilot dock that
    allows you to recharge and sync up. This camera will be used only
    for posting on the net so it doesn't need all the bells and whistles.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you, Stephanie
  2. What are you posting pics of? Do yourself a favor and buy a card reader that you can slide your memory or flash card into. It will speed things up dramatically vs. uploading pics from the camera to the cpu.
  3. I think you can meet all of your needs in the $300 range for the camera. I would say something like a Canon a80 or its replacement (I think the A95 as they are not number linearly.)

    Also, many Nikons, Sony's, etc... are in this range and should work equally as well.
  4. Buy the least expensive name-brand 2MP-3MP camera you can find. That will be sufficient for Web use.

    Regarding recommendation, they all seem to offer similar range zooms, similar features and similar ease of use. Kodak seem to have docking stations, as do some of the HP cameras.
  5. You mention flash. Getting a separate flash unit will improve the quality of your pictures more than what camera you buy. Otherwise things will be washed out, have weird shadows, or (if it's people), red-eye. Just make sure that the camera you buy works with the flash you buy.
  6. Is there any chance that you'll be doing anything with the pics in the future? Will you ever need prints? Do you need a zoom with a long tele? One with a very wide angle of view?

    Remember that needs can and do change, and future needs may be impossible to anticipate. Any decent camera will suffice for web shots, so your choice may be based on the subject matter.
  7. Unless someone already a digital camera with an OPTICAL zoom (or both), versus a camera with ONLY a digital zoom. Dig zoom is effectively pointless for anyone with a simple photo editing program that will crop images. You likely have some sort of photo editing program anyway--comes with Win XP home ed.

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