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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by marco ussi, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Hy folks,
    I'm astonished by the way digital infared pictures look like. I have
    always been an infrared devotee but I've only made a few attempts
    with the Kodak HIE since I don't have an easy access to a darkroom
    (lack of time, distance from a photoclub...)and because of the
    complexity of the whole process.
    Digital cameras seem the solution to my problem since they have ( or
    at least had) some sensitivity to IR light.
    I know for sure that Sonys' are the best in this field but the major
    drawback is that they don't support Compact Flash (I own three 512 MB
    CF for my non infared friendly EOS 10D, why should I pay some extra
    maoney for little capacity 128 MB memory stick card?)
    My final quaestion is : In your experience, which is the best
    infrared - friendly digicam that support Compact Flash card and that
    is available on the market?

    Thank you very much
  2. Not what you want to hear but my Sony F717 is awesome for IR using it on "nightmode" with a 1000nm filter. (One example here: And the F717 can take 256MB cards (I got a 256MB Memory Stick Pro used from KEH for $69) and I'm pretty sure can take 512M and 1GB cards too.
  3. Richard is spot-on in his above comment. I have the older f707 digicam and it works well for me as well. What sets these cameras apart is nightshot mode which swings the IR- block filter (which all digital cameras have internally in front of the CCD) out of the light path. An external screw-on IR filter then only allows IR to pass.
    As far as memory sticks go, it's a one-time purchase. I bought 5 almost 3 years ago and have never looked back (after 20K+ shots). Richard's f717 can also take the larger memory stick pro cards.
    And doesn't the f828 also take CF as well as memory stick?
  4. Thanks Richard and Brad. (very nice Infrared pictures as well!)
    In fact the IR potentialities of Sony digicams are no secret at all, but I've recently bought an EOS 10D for work, so I'm on a budget for the next months. While the F717 is reasonably expensive, the F828 is out of reach at the moment (here in Italy).

    I was also looking for some IR friendly and small cameras as well (if there are any) since my usual gear is an EOS 10D plus Sigma 70-200/2.8 and sometimes I need some rest as well.
    I'd like to look around a little bit more before going Sony in the end. So I'd be glad if I could get some more information on other cameras having similar IR features.
  5. There are mods around on the web to convert several digicams to IR by removing the IR blocking filter. It's normally a proceedure not for the faint of heart, but it's not beyond the bounds of capability for anyone with some mechanical skills.

    I did it with a Nikon coolpix 900. It's only a 1MP camera, so the images aren't exactly suitable for 11x14 prints, but it works fine.

    Since you can now get used (and some new!)3MP cameras for little over $100, If you're into experimenting there should be enough raw material out there to play with.

    The Sony route is clearly easier though.
  6. Another vote for the Sony F707/717 and F828. While you can do a variety of IR work with
    other cameras, these make it easy. Fitted with a Type 87c or 89a IR filter (and in the case
    of the F717 a deep green filter to cut the exposure down adequately for daylight, not sure
    about the 828), you can do a LOT of IR work.

  7. Oh dear, It looks like I'll have to buy some Sony machinery in the future but I've also seen some great IR stuff made with a Canon powershot G2, anyone to share some experience out there?
    It might be a more practical solution for me (same BP 511 batteries and Compact flash cards as my 10D) but It looks like Sony cameras are unbeatable in the Infrared business.
  8. Doing IR with the Canon G2 limits you to a tripod and long exposure times, at best.

  9. Another vote for Sony (F828) unless Florida's counting. The 828 uses either a memory stick or a microdrive/CF card. I've used the 256 mb card and have only run out of space once. I bought a new card with the camera and a "refurbished" card at a Sony store for about $75. I use a 1000nm filter and get some dreamy shots.
  10. Sony DSC-F828 is the camera for you. It has great IR performance which can be enhanced by addon IR module (about 40$) and most important, you don't have to throw away your CompactFlash cards. They work fine in F828, only drawback is taking mpg movies which can go only 16,6 fps on CF, while it can go 30 fps on Memory Stick PRO.

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