Best camera store in Atlanta, Bermingham?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by j._d._mcgee, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. I will be going on a trip soon and these two big cities will be two
    of my stops. Looking for a good choice of used equipment (Nikon or
    Canon) like a nice manual body in good shape. I miss my old Canon A-
    1 and F-1n and Nikon F2 would like to find something similar in good
    shape used. Any suggestions on nice shops in these towns would be
    nice. Thanks in advance - J.D.
  2. Go to excellent inventory. Never bought anything, personally, but have only hear good things. I am saving my pennies to give to them for a future purchase.

    Anyway, go to the site and find the address. They are in Atlanta.
  3. KEH does indeed possess an awesome inventory, but
    unfortunately, you can only shop it online. They do have great
    prices, and quite often the equipment is in even better shape
    than you would expect--their rating system is very conservative.

    If you want to actually put some stuff in your hands to look over,
    the Wolf Camera at 14th Street and I-75/85 has a case full of
    good used Nikon and Canon equipment. But the best place is
    probably Wing's Camera at 3100 Briarcliff Road (Williamsburg
    Shopping Center at the corner of Briarcliff and Clairmont; take
    the Clairmont Road exit off I-85 North and head south on

    They have plenty of good used equipment (particularly
    Nikon)--including some bizarre but often useful junk--at
    reasonable prices, and are excellent folks to deal with. You can
    call them at 404-636-4406.
  4. Another good place in Atlanta is Camera Bug, also on Briarcliff in the Sage Hill Shopping Center (1799 Briarcliff). They also have telescopes & binoculars if you have any interest. Nearby is also Showcase, but they don't have much used stuff. I have also heard that Photo Barn in Lilburn is good.

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