Best Book For Digital Camera D-SLR Beginner

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by vincent_daly, May 8, 2007.

  1. Am looking for your recommendation as to the best book for a newcomer to
    photography from basics through to more advanced techniques. Have a nikon D80.
  2. Try Thom Hogan's site. He has books on most Nikon bodies.
  3. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
    Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson
    Nikon D80 Magic Lantern Guides (book or DVD)

    I would read these 3 and then you could choose from a host of other books on varying subjects.
  4. You may like this second edition as well as I enjoyed the first:
  5. The Thom Hogan e-books are terrific but really are guides to using a specific camera and not a book on photographic technique. I found "Understanding Exposure, Revised Edition" by Bryan Peterson, Amphoto books (you can get it locally or on to be enormously informative and practical. It has chapters on the effects of aperture and shutter speed selection, tips on lighting angles and times of day for different effects, and special techniques (examples are shutter speeds to use for moving water and car headlight/taillight streaks). At less than $20 this is a course in photography in under 160 pages. I'm an amateur and have been shooting film for decades and recently switched to a DSLR and learned a lot from this book, but I believe it would help newcomers as well given its thorough and step-by-step approach. Peterson's written several other books which I'm reading but this is the one to start with in my opinion. Happy learning!
  6. I concur with the Bryan Peterson recommendation. I have a couple others that I would recommend for a beginner in "digital" photography. See here.
  7. Check out Scott Kelby's Book, "The Digital Photography Book." A very good, concise, book for beginning as well as advanced amateurs. He writes the book in a way it seems he's answering questions as if you're standing there. Mr Kelby is a Photoshop afficiando and a great photographer as well.
  8. Bryan Peterson books are a great start. Another vote for Understanding Exposure, it's only $15.00 on Amazon.
  9. I've read about 20 books on digital photography in the past three or four months and one that I like is The D200 Digital Field Guild, there is one for the D80 as well...It's a hands on learn by doing style book which I like given my Chemical Engineering background...

    For photoshop I really like the Photoshop: The Missing Manual...again very hands on....also, there are several British magazines, I think Creative Photoshop is one, that have tutorials to achieve a given effect that are very useful....I think this would be a useful forum on this website: ie here's a great photo and here's how I did it....
  10. The books from John Shaw have been a great help to me.
  11. Hello,
    Since I'm a bookseller, and I buy the books on Digital Photography for my department, I could not resist this question :)
    My advice:
    The D80 Magic Lantern Guide by Simon Stafford to get to know your camera (which I bought yesterday and realy is great!)
    Photoshop for digital photographers by Scot Kelby or
    Adobe photoshop for photographers by Martin Evening (my top seller: sold 160 copies in my shop and over 700 in our chain in The Netherlands!!!).
    Have fun!
    Regards, Martijn
  12. gv


    Thom Hogan's book is head-and-shoulders above the Magic Lantern Guides that I have used
    covering other subjects, but I haven't specifically read the D80 book that was
    recommended... The first 200-300 pages of Hogan's 700+ page book are essentially a
    digital photography primer, and the rest of the book will help you get to (really) know your

    Hogan's book also a searchable index which can be very handy. All the Magic Lantern Guides
    I have read lack indexes of any kind, which is a serious omission in any book that calls itself
    a "guide."
  13. G.V. Thom's book is 700+ pages!? Stop reading, start photographing!!!:)
  14. One more for Understanding Exposure. Great book. I wrote a brief review here.

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