Best Album Design Program?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by bc_photo, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. In terms...

    1) Price, 2) Ease, 3) Original templates, 4) Color issues when sending to album

    I am looking at...

    1) You Select It, 2) LumaPix FotoFusion, 3) Photojunction, or 4)Yervant Page

    So far, I love the originality of Yervant's Program, but I cannot justify the

    Lumapix seems the easist to use, but lacks templates.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I like LumaPix Extreme because it is easy to use and it has preloaded templates from major album companies.
  3. Photoshop CS3.
  4. Photojunction makes me want to stab random people in the face.
  5. HAHAHA - Keith, sounds like you have alot of spare time on your hands.
  6. Well, I use PSCS3 as well - ultimate control with no ugly generic templates.
  7. Being fairly new to all this, I actually came here with the same question. I looked at alot of
    stuff....and to be perfectly honest, Kieth's answer is the best. I'm pretty new to cs3, but these
    templates are complete crap compared to what's possible. Look at Kieth's site to make my
    point. BC commented on the time issue. But if have good taste, it will take you longer to
    tweak a template to your liking than just doing it yourself from jumpstreet. I was looking for
    a magic bullet too, there just ain't one out there
  8. I use PS 3 60% of the time and then Yervants page gallery 3.5 and i love it! Price is steep but its worth it for me. thousands of templates and then even more tweeking in PS gives me exactly what i need.
  9. Photoshop CS3

    It gives you the most flexibility but you do have to put in the time to learn it.

    I find in many discussions that people who complain about it really don't know how to use it.
  10. Russ, I would consider myself a Photoshop Master. I spend about 2 full days per album, seeking artistic perfection. I should have been more clear. My real question has to do with saving time. I guess I am trying to find the best product with premade templates and premade album-producer templates (e.g., guides already made for KISS Wedding Albums 10x10). I am not concerned with originality of template layout as much as I am concerned with the pictures and emotion. Does that make sense? Is there an affordable album design program that gets out of my way?
  11. As Mike stated above - the templates that I have found are pretty useless to what's possible in Photoshop. Everyone I have tried feel constricting and really limits what I am trying to do.
  12. BC, once you start using actions in Photoshop, it's pretty simple and quick to produce the pages. The problem with the template programs is all the time you spend sorting out and selecting from all the different templates that are available. You can also develop some of your own templates that you tend to use frequently and shave even more time from the process.
  13. bdp


    Yervants PageGallery, YSI, LumaPix, or PSCS2 or 3
  14. You have endless possibilities in CS3
  15. Sounds like a lot of people prefer PS--does anyone know of a book or website that explains
    the basics of designing your own albums in Photoshop?
  16. YSI allows you to edit the templates in PhotoShop as psd files. You can then save them back to YSI. This might be the best of both worlds.
  17. Andrew, Here's a DVD training video:
  18. PhotoShop is the BEST and you will get the most professional results. CS2 & CS3 work great. It just requires a little time and patients to learn. But if you don?t have the time there are many professional graphic designers and album designers out there to help you save time and money.
  19. Are all these photoshop CS3 or CS2, for that matter, for album design for TRADITIONAL [with sleeves] album, as well?
  20. Please also remember that all these ready made templates have been made in Photoshop. If you have one template , you can create mulitple by tweatking size, color etc. in photoshop. Once you learn to do it in Photoshop, there is no limit to the creativity that you can put in.
  21. I have designed my own album in Photoshop. Does any one know of a service where i can upload my predesigned album and they just print it and send me the album.Thanks in advance.
  22. This is a great discussion. I am now going to actually watch those CS3 Julieanne Kost's videos I bought a year ago as well as read CS3 by Kelby.
    I need to start providing wedding albums and this has been a recent need as I am finding my shoot and burn joy days are ending as too many brides need help bringing the images to print.

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