Berlebach vs. Ries A-100

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  1. So, in doing some research as to which tripods are solid enough for an 11lb 8x10 camera, almost everyone says "Ries A100". Some have countered with "Berlebach", but I'm at a loss as to which exact model, given that the site lists every measurement in metric and it seems that the center column models can't possibly be as rigid as the Ries platform head... Does anyone out there know of a direct model number that compares? I'm looking for something with at least 6' in height, so include extenders if necessary... Thanks, -D Coyote Images
  2. Dave,

    I use an 11 lb Ebony SV810 on a Gitzo 1348 sans center column, with a Kirk BH-1 and it's fine. I also own a Ries A 100, and it's a bit of overkill for something in that weight range. You'll never be sorry you bought an A 100 (if you do), except when you carry it. To be honest, I can't tell a lot of difference except the rig is considerably more top heavy using the Gitzo. NOTE: This assessment is NOT true of my Deardorff, which is several pounds heavier than the SV810.

    IMO, in the Ries series, a J 100 is too light but a J 100-2 would be right on.

  3. I have Berlebach 8023. I'm six foot and with the extender it goes above me. Very solid tripod for the price. Ries is just over inflated$$ in my opinion.
  4. Dave,<br>
    your caution about center columns is well-founded. No matter how rigid the three legs section of a tripod - the center column will always remain what it is: nothing but a monopod fixed at its lower end. Even "embedding" the tube in concrete could not alter this mechanical fact.<br>
    Setting aside true studio stands, the stiffest tripods I know of ( having them carried quite often myself), are the ones used by camera men - and made by Sachtler, Arri, Vinten, Miller etc. Expensive they are, indeed, but not that much, when bought second-hand. I think those tripods deserve much more consideration when it comes to 8x10.(Camera weight is close enough to a Betacam, won't you agree?) <br>
    You have certainly found out by now, that metric/inch-conversion is not that difficult: 1 inch = 2.54 cm; 1cm = 0.3937 inches. <p>
    Good vibes. Uli
  5. My Berlebach 4032 holds a Calumet C1 with a huge weight for the camera, lens, packard shutter, and film holder is about 26 pounds. Rock solid in all circumstances.

    You mention that you're loking for a tripod that will hold an 8x10 but that's 6' tall...6' is probably overkill for an 8x10 for most people. I'm 6'7" tall, and I find the Berlebach a little too tall when I have my 8x10 on it and the tripod is fully extended. (The tripod extends to about 5 1/2', but with the camera mounted the top of the camera is above my head. This can be problematic, especially if you're working with the camera pointing downwards at all.) 5 1/2' is more then enough for me...unless you're significantly taller than I am them it's probably more than enough for you too.

    Note that this model of Berlebach does not have a center column. I have yet to find a tripod with a center column that comes anywhere near the solidity of this setup. Plus, it's dirt cheap when compared to the Reis tripods.

    The great thing about the Berlebach I have is the integrated ball head. I've never had a reason to add a head to the tripod; the built-in head has plenty of flexibility for everything I've done with it.
  6. Hi,

    you may lok at the Uni-series of Berlebach (Uni-6 or Uni-7 etc. .. I believe). These also have center columns if wanted, and they are very solid, specified for up to 30 kgs or so.

    Best regards

  7. Joerg,<br>
    UNI-6 or UNI-6 will be too short with max. heights of 870mm and 920mm( respectively ). But UNI-16 goes up to 1400mm ( no center column, but with integrated levelleling head ), and UNI-17 gets up to 1450mm, without extending its 500mm center column (weight is given as 7.5 kilo). I do not know if my Berlebach catalogue is still actual,( it's from the late nineties ) but the latter model is presented there having both: level head AND center column. Cute!
  8. I have a Berlebach with an integrated ball head, no center column.

    It has 2 section legs, and goes to almost 6 ft tall. Hard to carry, but really nice when you get there.

    Rubber feet with extendable spikes. My choice for 4x5 and long lens 35mm.

    Add a quick release plate for fast set up.

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