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    Mum's Gear, now Mine

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  2. Sentimental for sure
  3. 1st 35mm camera, from my dad, circa 1970 (the gift, not the camera):
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  4. _MG_0007.jpg
    My very first camera from the Workers' and Peasants' State
    bought in Harvard Square for $25 or so (body only) in 1963
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  5. Land Polaroid Automatic 100 given by a photographer friend who is no longer with us
    0013a Cámara Land Polaroid Automatic 100-HPS2019.jpg
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  6. Foth1_web0.jpg
    Foth Derby 1938 - half frame 127 - focal plane shutter to 1/500th
  7. _JAV4855_1000.jpg
    My wife's uncle, Malcolm McClain, earned a Bronze Star and a battlefield promotion--private to lieutenant--in World War II, then became a poet, painter, sculptor, studio potter and art professor. He photographed friends, family and progress in his work. His FM2 still has some clay from his studio. He and I were close. We lost him in 2012.
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  8. Belonged to my maternal grandparents


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