Bellow replacment Vintage Nikon Nipon F Bellow and Slide Copyer

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  1. Need help finding Vintage Nikon Nipon Replacement Bellow for 35mm Nikon F Camera
    Any ideas or links would be nice Thanks
  2. Sandy Vongries

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  3. Would Graffer Tape work to fix Light leaks or not?
  4. Iā€™d bet that you could find an entire bellows unit for less that a replacement bellows
  5. Most likely won't flex enough.
    And if you have a lot of pin holes, it will add thickness and prevent the bellows from compressing fully.

    Try liquid electrical tape, the BLACK one. This only works for pin holes, not bigger holes that need to be patched.
    The stuff STINKS so use it OUTSIDE.
  6. I used a small bit of black construction paper and Plastidip to repair a small hole in a set of PB-4 bellows I had. It was right on a corner of the bellows, which is why I was using the construction paper -- to maintain the sharpness of the fold on the corner. I Plastidip is probably similar to your Liquid Electrical Tape. It comes in cans -- useful for dipping tools into to insulate them -- and in spray cans. It also comes in different colors. I picked up a spray can of black. I kept spraying fine coats of the stuff on the problem area to build up enough of it so it completely covered the construction paper and the hole. It dries flexible and looks like rubber when it's dry.
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    What exactly are you looking for? I have several macro bellows extensions for 35 mm cameras.
    Can I see a pic of what you have or want?
    Where are you located?

    I wish PN would include peoples locations under their avis so we have an idea of who n where everyone is.
  8. Another way to get there:
    Modern Photography 1982-04
  9. Thanks for that article, JDM. That's just what I needed to replace the bellows on my Nikon PS-4 slide copier.

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