BEIER BEIRAX II circa 1958/59

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  1. Seeking information about the lens 105 mm 4.5 MERITAR. It is coated but I can't tell if it is a triplet or possibly a TESSAR type.
  2. Thank you. As I said I know the MERITAR
    Thank you for the information. As i have said I am aware that it is not of the quality of my VOIGTLANDER SKOPAR and AGFA SOLINAR however I'm guessing that it may be not too bad stopped down.
  3. The Meritar is a triplet, and not even a good triplet.

    The 50mm f/2.9 Meritar that came fitted to my Praktica VF was the worst lens I've ever encountered!
  4. That is regrettable for the body is in almost mint condition and the shutter works perfectly. It would be nice if I could install a better lens however I have not the expertise to do it.

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