Behind the Scenes at the Super Bowl: Sports Illustrated photographer Bill Frakes shares his experience

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  1. We have the honor of having Bill Frakes document his behind-the-scenes experiences as a Sports Illustrated staff photographer capturing the Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay, FL (with Nikon gear no less). He shares with us some of the challenges, set up details, excitement of the day, etc, to give us a sense of what it's like to be in the seat of this high-powered sports photography dream job.
    Concentration is the most important tool that you have to bring to bear in games like this. There are a lot of distractions, tremendous ambient sound, hordes of people and immediate deadlines to deal with. You have to lock everything out and think like a player or coach. It’s important to know the game, and the options before they happen. It’s always better to anticipate than to merely react. -Bill Frakes
    Read the full article: Super Bowl 2009: Working the Sports Photographer's Angle by Bill Frakes.
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