Beginnings : Abstract Artists as Young Children

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  1. Could this be juvenilia (Juvenilia - Wikipedia) from Jackson Pollock?
    or is this just some "splatter picture"?
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  2. Bill Snell

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  3. Studying Jackson Pollock would give insight into whether what's posted in the OP could be juvenilia from him. My answer is, no. If you check out the link below, you'll get a good idea of what he did in his younger years and how that led to and may have foreshadowed where he landed in the 40s and 50s.


    I think if one wanted to pay homage photographically to Jackson Pollock's "splatter" years, one might consider not just photographing similar looking splatters but perhaps even more so rethinking the paradigm of a photographic image and how consciously and precisely it lands on the paper or screen on which it's viewed.
  4. This was shot randomly when I accidentally snapped it on my iPhone as I was sliding past fellow audience members moments before the beginning of an opera. It doesn't exhibit that "splatter" look we've come to associate with the later Pollock, but the randomness (though not the intentional randomness) of its making might be akin to Pollock's later method and the result may be a little closer to the somewhat more figurative yet surrealist and abstract-influenced early work of Pollock.

    a night at the opera
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  5. Umm, Sam have you ever seen the Far Side cartoon to the effect that " God as a kid tries to make a chicken?". (The far side | Far side comics, The far side, Gary larson cartoons)

    That cartoon was not meant as serious theology.

    This post is a "joke" and no one was trying to investigate whatever juvenilia Pollock may or may not have done


    We're "funning" here.
  6. That, as I said, was clear. So I thought I’d share what Pollock did. Consider it a learning opportunity. After all, learning can be
    Spaß fun.
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    Hoofprints and birdsh*t on a frosty road, by me (though fellow Brits might consider this, and many of my photos, a load of Jackson Pollocks). Agfa APX400 in my Balda Jubilette.

    Oh, and Bill's post is definitely figurative: I see Jackson Pollock flipping a pancake.
  8. Sam has got me. I was the one being obtuse and literal...:oops:
  9. Not sure this one fits Pollock's early style


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