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  1. Hi,

    I'm just starting to develop my own 4x5 and 8x10 negs. I have had success using a CombiTank for my 4x5 with no problem at all. Now I want to tray develop my own 8x10 negs. I'm using HC 110 (Dil B). Film is Bergger BFP200 and Arista 125 (Ilford FP4, I believe)<BR><BR>
    I don't know if I've missed something or not, but what amount of developer do you use per 8x10 sheet? I used 2 litres for 8 sheets with no problem, but I was just guessing ... Is there a rule of thumb for this or is it in the Kodak site or on the bottle and I've just missed it somehow?<BR><BR>
    Thanks in advance, Richard
  2. lwg


    I asked a similar question a while back and was directed to the
    manufacturer's docs. You have to calculate the volume from the
    capacity. The Kodak page at
    df lists the capacity for tray processing as 2.5 8x10 per liter, so
    you need 400ml per 8x10, or 3.2 liters for your 8 sheets. Kodak
    gives the capacity as twice that if you do the development in a
    tank. I don't know why there is such a difference - maybe oxidation
    in the tray?
  3. Richard,


    I don't have the book available to me right now, but this question is
    the subject of a significant discussion in Anchell and Troop, "The
    Film Developing Cookbook." They say that one 8x10 = one roll of 120 =
    one roll of 35mm as far as film area and developer requirements. I
    have followed their recommendations with success. Perhaps someone
    else has the book handy for a quick answer. Otherwise, I will try to
    dig it out tonight. By the way, you might like the book if you have
    not read it.
  4. It's a good idea to be generous with the amount of developer per
    square inch of film. You will get more even development in the tray
    and fewer mechanical problems (scratches). Don't work the developer
    to death. It's cheap and your pictures aren't. This idea is better
    explained somewhere in Adams, and I second the recommendation of "The
    Darkroom Cookbook" and "The Film Developer Cookbook". So I use 2L of
    developer in an 8x10 tray to process 8-12 4x5's. 8x10s would require
    4L in an 11x14 tray. At least that's how it worked when I last used
  5. Thanks for the responses. I've ordered Anchell's books and have
    found the proper section in the Kodak pdf mentioned. Thanks to all
    for the speedy assistance!<BR><BR>Richard
  6. Richard,


    For undiluted developers, Anchell and Troop recommend at least 250 ml
    of developer solution. For dilute developers (such as XTol or D-76 1:1
    Rodinol 1:25 or 1:250, HC110 1:31 from concentrate, or PMK) they
    recommend 500 ml. For very dilute developers (D-76 or XTol 1:3,
    Rodinal 1:100, HC110 1:90 from concentrate) they recommend 1 liter of
    developer solution. They believe that Kodak's recommendations may not
    be enough to allow the film to develop to its fullest potential. Hope
    this tides you over until you receive the books!
  7. Richard, for years I have used HC110 1:64 on Arista 125 4x5.
    That comes to 2oz of HC110 to a gallon of water for 12 4x5s. I
    just started shooting 8x10, and am using 4 oz. in 2 gallons, for 6
    8x10s. Seems to work out ok.

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