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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by gene m, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Gene, welcome. A lot of people missed you.
  2. Welcome back Gene, we missed you.
  3. Good to see ya, Gene. It seems you had a fun and productive Summer.
  4. Impressive wedding shots. Maybe you are starting (or ending) a trend for wedding photographers.
  5. Wow, your Felica has a lenscap!!! I am truly envious :)
    Good to see you back, Gene!
  6. Good to see you posting again Gene! The Crown Graphic shots are particularly nice, and I have been looking at the very first image a lot, simply wonderful. But, I have rubbed my eyes quite a few times, is it just me or is Arista Edu venturing into color these days with one tiny yellow flower on that shot?
  7. Only you'd shoot a wedding with a Diana.. Great Idea! Nice to see a post from you.. missed your wry sense of humor!
    Telle me about the Vredebroch Felica... another interesting specimen. Vredy Vredy Nice!
  8. Wonderful to have you back.
    The hospital should be proud of those pictures.
    Also liked the wedding shots--perhaps a trend is starting here to go vintage on weddings. If so, the members of CMC stand ready to do our duty! :)
  9. Good to hear (read?) from you again, Gene.
    Nice shots as usual. Looks like you're having a great summer.
  10. Greetings, Gene!!
  11. Great shots, Gene! "Baskets" is a really nice photograph, wonderfully simple but engaging. The wedding shots are all very nice as well, and the cameras look pretty nice too! Very glad to have you back. Things feel normal around here now. Well, as normal as all of us in one place can be...
  12. Hope you've had a great summer. I trust your factory to build new Savoy's is going well.
  13. Ah, things are getting back to normal round here...Welcome back, Gene. The Hubbard Library series looks superb, just love that first pic. "Pig on the Radiator" and "Baskets" ain't half bad, either. Keep them coming!
  14. The Stinkoflex might have been nice for the wedding. Great pics as always, Gene!
  15. It's a good thing you showed up, we almost rented your room.
    That CG is exactly like the ones we had in high school c1970. Someone donated six of them, and a pair of Omega D2's with Schneider glass. And of course back then, 100 sheets of Tri-X was all of $20.
  16. Welcome back. beatuiful work.
  17. Welcome back Gene.
  18. Enjoyed the Graphics and the basket.
  19. Welcome home Gene :)
  20. It's about damned time. :)
  21. Welcome back Gene! Now that you're back can we get the Stinkoflex rolling again?
  22. Gene -
    Nice to see your great contributions return, always a highlight. Thanks.

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