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  1. Hi.... this is a great community to be a part of, and I have learned so much by just roaming the forum threads and chosing interesting headings to look at and finding images that I like and see what lenses and EXIF is available. By and large, we all have a great sense of humour althought we can get a little prickly at times... depending on the topic at hand. Where I would like to learn further is via actual critiques to the work I submit to that forum. The rating is nice, which at least means thet somebody looked at it, but I would love to have the written word as well as the pleasing comments. Roaming the site I notice that I am not alone in a photo receiving a number of ratings but no critiques from which to learn. Maybe this subjective hobby is just too subjective to allow the "pen to touch the paper"
    Best site around.
  2. Who the heck are you to criticize other people for being "prickly"?
  3. By the way, that was my attempt at humor, acting "prickly"...
    On a more serious note, I've founf the best way to get critiques is to post some questions with the image, like "do you think a more centered composition would have helped". It's amazing, once people start answering on that specific question, they will then proceed to offer comments about every other aspect of the image. It's the "oce breaker" effect, I guess...
  4. Thanks Joseph..... your comment makes sense, I'll give it a go.
    Obviously you are not one of the "prickly" ones (smiles).
  5. I am one of the prickly ones. I voted "yes" recently to the suggestion that we start a Grumpy Old Man forum here. Welcome.
  6. Good on ya Will. I could probably be a candidate for that forum as well.

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