Beckham shoots for Burberry - pros fume

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  1. Numerous pros cross about this:
    For sure it's bread out of the mouths of established pros, but the few examples of BB's work I've seen don't look bad - obviously as a teenager he's is tune with what other teenagers are thinking (or at least Burberry hopes he is).
    Anyone else feeling a sense of outrage?
  2. No great outrage. Just an acknowledgement that Burberry are primarily after advertising, column inches and getting themselves talked about. If by doing that they annoy a quantity of fashion photographers I don't suppose they are that bothered. After all fashion is not about the finest photography but about riding the zeitgeist.
  3. Pro's do not derserve to get assignments just because they are in the business for a living. Someone who needs pictures (a client) decides what is wanted and should act accordingly. Letting someone well known produce the pictures gets extra attention (this thread, for instance). Considerations concerning letting a well known photographer produce the pictures is also in a not unimportant part due to the fame of the name. And in this cases pro's should fume that they themselves aren't able to deliver what Beckham can.<br>So yes: i feel a sense of outrage (not a lot though. It'll be over the moment i leave this thread. It's really not worth the time of any of us). Outraged by those complaining pro's.
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    Fair play to BB. I like his shots.
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    What camera is that which he is using in that first photo? It isn't a DSLR like the pros would have. Just curious.
  6. Looking at the photos, they don't seem particularly challenging. With all due respect to the pros who commented, I don't
    think the kid is necessarily doing anything he couldn't have learned himself in a day or two.

    I bet that Burberry brings in pros for the "real" shots. Anyway. What's this shoot really for? Is he working on their print
    material or is this just a marketing side project, having him fill up his own Instagram feed with Burberry as a sort of
    experimental advertising?
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    Years ago, Esprit put its own employees into their clothing and used them instead of professional models. American Apparel and other brands have done this since. It's interesting that we don't see complaints from professional models about this. I guess models are less insecure than photographers.
  8. I guess models are less insecure than photographers.​
    Well yes, because no one would think that people who make their living off of their appearance would have any insecurities.
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    Well yes, because no one would think that people who make their living off of their appearance would have any insecurities.​

    Models that do well make a living off being a good model which requires far more than appearance. I've worked with lots of models and some know are skilled and some aren't, and appearance isn't a factor in that.
  10. I saw a recent set of Louis Vuitton ads using renders of a video game character instead of photos of a model. Maybe
    photographers and models could get together to get mad at LV replacing both of them with visualizers.
  11. I think the third paragraph pretty much tells the tale (emphasis is mine):
    Brooklyn is the second Beckham child to work with Burberry after his younger brother Romeo’s role in the label’s Christmas advert, which attracted 11m views within 48 hours of launching.
  12. One could always define "good" models as those whose insecurities are under control. Like "good" actors. But rejection must still hurt.
  13. Eventually, all "real" content will be replaced. No more models, actors, photographers. No more live sets. It will all be done on computers. I wonder who the first virtual actor to win an Academy Award will be... but by then, all the voters will be computers too.
  14. I like his shots. Its not his fault that Burberry wants to cash in on the Beckham name. If he makes a career out of it, he will grow and learn or not, but he seems to know how to use a camera and his name gets him access for now.
  15. it


    It's called marketing. The actual quality of the photos is way down the list of what is important.
    Smart move by Burberry.

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