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  1. I have a lumydine flash head and wish to add a large beauty dish to it. Can anyone recommend one that will fit the Lumydine.
  2. yeah... the Paul C. Buff PLM! :)
  3. Look at getting an accessory adapter for a brand that produces a pan reflector/beauty dish. I strongly recommend the Speedotron BD. Dynalite has a nicely designed one, but I don't think Lumedyne has a accessory kit for Dyna. Elinchrom would be another to consider. I'd recommend a grid for it too.
    Note that the Buff PLM is not a beauty dish at all. Buff does produce a BD, the variation with out bevels. I'm not crazy about the design.
  4. Thanks I'll look into it. On another note, I have heard that my 400w Lumydine may not have enough power for a beauty dish....... is this true? I assume to get the sweet spot of the dish i may need more power.
  5. Your 400 watt lumedyne is more than powerful enough. the PLM is very focused and has a VERY rapid falloff. check out my review here.
  6. Um... the PLM is still not a beauty dish. But leaving that dead horse where it is, you have plenty of power for the BD. I think I put around 100 to 400ws through my BD, depending on the set up and usage.
  7. Yea, I agree.
    A parabolic is NOT beauty dish.
    Most of the time (I said MOST) you're using a BD pretty close so even a Lume 200 w/s pack will do.
    I had to make a rig to mount a regular Norman beauty dish to my Norman LH2/LH52 heads and also my Quantum T2.
    I used a speedring for the Lume/Norman/Quantum bulp style heads and glued a Norman adapter on there with epoxy.
    The speedring does the heavy lifting and mounts to the lightstand/grip arm/boom because I wouldn't want to hang a beauty dish off the Lume/Norman/Quantum heads due to the flimsy way reflectors mount on those style heads.
  8. So which beauty dish would you recommend for my Lumynine and Quantum. I have a Photoflex adaptor for a Bowens soft box that fits both my Lumy and Qflash. However, it is a question of making it secure like Bruce says........ There is a clamp on my Lumy but I dont think it is strong enough.
  9. Jake,
    go look at this
    B&H has the adapters here
    They make those adapters for Norman 2 pin reflectors that lets you mount on a Norman monolight that doesn't have the same cruddy 2 pin Norman mount.
    I glued one of those to the photoflex speedring and it lets you mount any Norman 2 pin reflector including the BD.
    Just make sure you use the speedring to mount to the lightstand/support.
  10. Thanks Bruce, but which make of dish do you recommend?
  11. That setup I posted will ONLY work with the Norman 22in Beauty Dish but allows you to use any of the other Norman 2 pin style reflectors.
    Ideally to get the optimal placement of the bulb I'd recommend the optical spacer (extents the bulb out further) that they make for the sports Parabolic reflector. The way it is now, the bulb sits a tad too recessed so the spacer would be nice but is not required.
    If you get creative you could make something for whatever dish you want.
    The Norman 22 incher usually goes for around $80.00-$120.00usd used without the grid.
  12. One SHOULD use a BD close to the subject, otherwise it'll just work as a wide angle reflector !
    The Bowens "Softlite", for example, is 75 degrees, and with a diameter of 15 inches,
    really should be used at no more than 15 - 20 inches from the subject for a BD-look !
    The white Profoto "Softlight" is 65 degress ( - 90 degress with the center disc in place !!!).
    The silver Profoto is only25 degress, and could therefore be used at a slightly longer workingdistance,
    without too much loss, but this would sacrifice the quality...
    Kacey Enterprises make a real smart BD - out of plastic ! ( = light weight !).
    They also do a real smart bag for it ;-)

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