Beattie vs Acute-Matte screens

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by tom_wagner, Aug 13, 1997.

  1. Has anyone done a comparison between the Hassy Acute-Matte screens and
    the Beattie interscreen Plus. I have used the Acute-Matte but have
    never used the Beattie screen. Is one better than the other. I want to purchase a screen with a grid and I'm just checking to see what opinions are out there.
  2. I have a Hasselblad 501C with an Acute-Matte screen and a Mamiya C330 with a new Beattie Intenscreen. With both cameras side-by-side looking at the same scene and both equipped with an 80/2.8 lens, the 'blad viewfinder is slightly brighter and slightly more contrasty. Some of the difference may be due to the lens; the Mamiya lenses are single coated and therefore not as contrasty as the Zeiss T* lens on the 'blad. Unfortunately, I can't try both screens on the same camera to eliminate this and other possible variables!


    I don't know about the cost difference between the two, but the Beattie screen is excellent and the Acute Matte screen is not enough better IMO to warrant a large difference in cost.
  3. I have used both screens. The acute matte is much, much better. The beattie was hard to focus and I would have quite a few exposures out of focus. I was told be a technician that the beattie was made such that if you looked at it at a slight angle, the focus would be off. The glass is not flat. The acute matte glass is flat and, therefore, it makes not difference if it is looked at at an angle.


    I like the acute matte much better. I sold the beattie after using it a couple times. The acute matte has more contrast and is just as bright (if not brighter).
  4. I compared both Beattie and Accumate on the same camera and lens. The Accumate is maybe a little brighter. I end up with the Beattie because it is less expensive and it has the center rangefinder without all distracted checker lines that goes with the Accumate.
  5. Brightscreen offers a wide variety of screens. Beattie Systems Inc. is no longer producing or selling screens. Brightscreen has a web site at :
  6. do you know if i can use Acute-Matte screen with my pentax 67?
  7. Went to the store today to get one, and found one difference: there is no split micro-prism in the Beattie range. They have a plain split image, but not with the micro-prism.

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