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  1. I purchased an old Yashica elector 35 that is working properly it
    seems as I just received it. The battery compartment has a 6v kodak
    battery and the rest of the compartment is fille with a roll of tin
    foil. Everything seems to be working properly BUT is this set up OK
    or should I change it.
  2. try him
  3. The correct mercury battery is no longer available and has not been for many years. The alkaline subsitiute is no good because of its uneven discharge curve. The only other option is a 6V lithium or silver oxide battery (PX28) which is the wrong size (much too small) so it needs some sort of padding at either or both ends. I would not spend money on an adapter which you can easily make yourself.
  4. My adaptor consists of a short bolt you can get at an Ace hardware store or from the stuff in your kitchen junk drawer and a rolled up business card with one side trimmed off so its short enough to fit inside. Stuff a shorter battery in there and fine.
  5. This you can make yourself, Small piece clear plastic hose1/2" id 37 mm long small piece AL alloy rod 1/2" 16mm long 3 of silver oxide L R44
    This works perfectly.
  6. Sorry Harold , there need to be four batteries six volt.
  7. Harold,

    The PX28A 6.0 volt alkaline cells are fine if you have a spacer, like the others have mentioned and like it appears the previous owner devised. (I use PX28A and spacers, too.)

    But if you'd like a neater solution to the PX32 5.6 Volt Mercury Cell Problem for these Yashicas, try because they stock an alkaline replacement. I have not tried it, however. But these Yashicas will work on 4-6 volts, I've read, so the voltage difference should not matter to exposure metering, etc. (But the PX28A and spacers are cheaper!)

    --Micah in NC
  8. Hey, thank you to all for your replies. You have been very
    helpful. I may have another question soon. I have inherited a
    camera collection, which all are seemingly working and in very
    good shape, except these battery problems, except one, a Petri 7s doesn't seen to have a battery. Thanks again.
  9. The Petri7 is a great camera it will never need a batery as long as there is light to run the meter. I just loaded one with a roll and will post them as soon as I get out to shoot..

  10. Larry, or anyone. Can you tell me more about the Petri 7s or refer me to some resources on it? Thanks, Harold
  11. Mallory batteries are out of production for reasons one can easily follow. But there are "just alike" other batteries of same size and almost same voltage sold - use them. Use a hand exposure-meter and adjust the film speed value just before taking out the camera, and the other batteries will do as well. You just have to re-calibrate once in a time.

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