battery MS76 replacement?

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  1. To be on the safe side I'm just checking to see if this is the correct silver oxide 1.5v button camera battery replacement for MS76 used in an old Contax 139 that I thought should be brought back to life.
    Duracell MS76 Silver Oxide Battery, 1.5volt seems like it should be OK, what do you reckon?
    Thanks in advance - Clive
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  2. Fairly far down on the page ...
    As far as I know, MS76 is =
    SR44, 1107SO, 1066A, AG13, S05, S15, BLR44, S15, 228, AG13, 280-08, 280-904, G13-A, 10L14, 10SL17, D357, D76, MS76H, BS07, BSR44H, A76, 541, EPX76, S76E, GP57, GP76, GPA76, G13F, G13R, GS13, KS76, 2013, 313, LR44, SR44P, SR07, MGA-2200, 357A, SP76, SR44, LX S-76, A76, 23-009, RS76, RS76-2, RW22, RW42, RW82, 228, R357, SB-F9, 76-S, KA, T535B, SR44W, SR44SW, V13GA, V76HS, V76PX , L1154, A01, PX76A, LR44, 357, A200/GP76A, KA76, KA, LR1154, L1154F et al.
    Jim M.
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  3. Thanks Jim - In a way that list says exactly why the question is so confusing, if you get my drift.
  4. Office depot carries a 3 pk of Energizer SO357 for around $4/5. Used them for years. Work fine.
  5. I live in Philadelphia but was also in Connecticut recently. Dollar Tree is a chain of dollar stores on the East Coast and they sell this battery (Sunbeam label) four for $1. (Other button batteries as well). Honestly, they might not last quite as long but I keep them in my freezer and never have to worry. - David Lyga
  6. Thanks David, problem solved, we've discovered, here in Australia, that an office supplies chain, keeps the batteries.
    Thanks again - Clive
  7. Just don't use alkalines.
  8. Batteries like LR44 and A76 are Alkaline cells and are not equal to silver oxide. Specifically, in cameras like Olympus OM-2/2N, alkaline batteries were created after the camera was designed and cause meter error and shutter lock. John
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  9. I'd like to add that 357s, while the correct size, do not have the same discharge characteristics as a 76.

    The Energizer EPX76s are specifically marketed as "photo" batteries and if you compare the data sheets, you can see that they are very different from the 357s.
    ENERGIZER 357/303H:
    ENERGIZER 357/303:
    I just bought some Energizer 357s, but I think I'm going to try the EPX76, instead (they also seem to be quite a bit more expensive, sigh).
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  10. I found this thread very helpful while looking for replacement batteries for my Contax 139 quartz. I noticed that Duracell also have a 357/303 battery and the spec is much closer to the EXP76 (constant voltage from 0-400h service) than the Energizer version.
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  11. You should be able to use any of the batteries mentioned in this thread. The different is only cost and how long they last. Most cameras designed to use these batteries are not sensitive to voltage variations. I know the Nikon F3 can operate correctly if the battery voltage (2 batteries in series) is 2.4V or above.
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  12. I am not sure about the F3, but the FM and FE series either work (battery is good), or not (it isn't).
    The battery test is that it works.

    I had forgotten this last year when I was out with an FE2, on exposure 36, and the shutter locked up.
    I decided to rewind the roll, and then remembered the battery test method.
    According to the FE2 manual, lithium, silver oxide, and alkaline are all fine.
  13. I don't know the cutoff voltage of the FM or FE but they also have a cut off voltage. That is it doesn't need 3V. Anything from 3V down to a certain level it works fine. Below that it simply quit and not giving wrong exposure like those that use Mercury cells.
  14. Yes. But also there is no warning. No "time to buy new ones because you might need them soon".
  15. Not quite. The FE has an LED battery check. If the LED brightness is low, then it's time to change the two cells.
  16. I have the EL2, which comes before the FE, and FE2 that comes after.
    The EL2 has a battery check, though I am not sure I ever got it to work.

    So, the FM, FM2, and FE2 have the "if it works the battery is good" system,
    and the manual suggests keeping spares just in case.

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