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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by brent_bennett, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. I have not used the Rebel XT very long. The screen used to show the condition of the battery, but somehow that has disappeared! I probably pushed a button or something to cause it. I looked in the manual and could not find a way to restore it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for your response.
  2. That is very odd.
    The informational LCD display will not show anything if the camera is switched to off nor will it show anything if the camera has gone to sleep. Half-pressing the shutter button to wake it up should give you full information, including battery indicator
    When you press the menu button it should /only/ show the battery life on the display.
    There's two possible paths, I suppose:
    You can try a camera reset by pulling both the main battery and the small watch-type battery (indicated by the "CR2016" tab inside the battery compartment) from the camera and letting it sit for a few minutes. That's kind of a long shot, but not a difficult test. Baring that solving the problem, perhaps there is a fault with the informational display.
  3. That is very odd.
    In fact, I think that it's the first time I've heard this specific complaint.
    In addition to Rob's suggestion (should that fail), it is possible a reinstallation of the last available firmware may fix it. Obviously the XT is well out of cost effective servicing by Canon, so, should both these fail, I expect it's something you may have to simply deal with, and exercise good battery discipline (opportunity charges).
  4. Are you sure you're looking in the right place for it? Turning it off is not an option. I presume it's there no matter what mode the camera is in but I suppose it's possible it might turn off in some modes.
  5. I've a posting on another site from someone who had problems with the small lcd display not showing multiple items, but the problem was intermittent and indicated a loose connection inside the body. But for just one icon to disappear seems odd indeed.
  6. [[I presume it's there no matter what mode the camera is in but I suppose it's possible it might turn off in some modes.]]

    Forgot to mention, but I tried that with my XT today. The battery icon remains visible in every mode on the mode dial.
  7. Operator Error; or old age eyes not doing too well.
    I have discovered that the battery was very weak: Only the left vertical line of the battery outline was showing (I used a magnifier to see it). What is interesting is that the camera continued to operate normally with the very weak battery. Putting in a fully charged battery brought back the full battery outline and the interior marks to show a full battery.
    Thank you all for responding; I have learned things from your comments.

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