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  1. I just bought a Minox 35 GT. It is in excellent condition but I'm concerned about the battery and would appreciate some advice. Background reading suggested that I should use S27PX silver oxide batteries, so I bought one. However, it doesn't fit. When I unscrew the battery cover it is not like the illustration in the manual. The manual shows just a screw cap, but on my camera it is a screw cap with a metal sleeve behind it. The S27PX battery doesn't fit inside this sleeve, so I can't use it. When I got the camera it had two 3V batteries marked DL1/3N though these seem low or exhausted. They fit inside the sleeve fine.
    The sleeve doesn't detach from the screw cap as far as I can see.
    So my questions are:
    Is this sleeve arrangement OK even though it isn't shown in the manual?
    Are these batteries OK to use?
    Is it possible to get hold of just the screw cap so that I can use the S27PX battery? And would that make sense anyway?
    Any advice welcome.
  2. I made a paper sleeve out of card stock, tape the sides together. Now you can use (4) silver oxide button batteries stacked with the spring under the screw in battery cap. You can also use (4) zinc oxide hearing aid #675 batteries stacked the same way. You'll have to experiment with the voltage HA versus SO power. Do not mix these batteries! The paper sleeve insulates the batteries from the sidewalls of the battery tube. The above is what I did, any modification is AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  3. Thanks for the reply Paul. There already is a sleeve inside the battery screw cap - permanently fixed to the cap - and I don't know why since it isn't shown in the manual. So making another sleeve seems unnecessary. But having that sleeve there stops me from using the recommended S27PX battery. I had already tried four SR44 batteries and they fit physically though the meter doesn't then seem to work well. So, to reiterate:
    Is this weird fixed sleeve arrangement something other Minox users have on their cameras, and is it OK even though it is not what is illustrated in the manual?
    Are D 1/3N batteries OK to use?
    If that sleeve thing is not correct, is it possible to get hold of the right screw cap? This is a long shot, I know, since these things are long out of manufacture.
  4. GT series uses two lithium D 1/3 N batteries, Minox has a special adapter for it.
  5. Hello Ian
    When the original 27PX in mercury was discontinued, Minox made a cap with a sleeve, which is probably the one you have. In that, you can also use 4xLR43s.
    To use a silver 27PX or mercury, you need the original cap. You can maybe buy a Minox35 on ebay for around 10$ and ask them to just send the cap.
    PS: I still have original mercury 27PXs
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