batteries and eos 3, eos 30 .

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  1. Hi, I have EOS 3 camera and EOS 30 (elan 7e) film cameras. If I take the batteries out of the cameras and they were having film roll inside, will the information on the last frame shot be lost ?

    EOS 3 uses 2CR5 batteries and EOS 30 uses CR123A batteries.
  2. I think that you have got no answer because no one is quite sure what you are asking.

    I don't have a Elan, but I do have an EOS-3- it's actually one of my favorite film cameras.

    You are aware, I assume, that the EOS-3 has no image storage memory. That's all on the film still.

    The camera does remember settings for its preferences, but that is a separate battery from the 2CR5, as I remember without going back to the manual (available from Butkus's site).
  3. I have both cameras, the EOS-3 and the Elan 7e. I remove the batteries from those cameras when they are not in use, because I rarely use them anymore. Also the EOS-3 still uses a trickle of battery power even when it's off. As far as I know, neither camera imprints information on the film unless they have a data-back. If you meant the frame-counter that does not change when you remove the battery, or when the battery dies...
  4. Thanks for your replies . I was referring to the frame counter and the custom function values and iso value.

    I am also having bc error with eos 3 . Is 6.13 v too low for 2cr5 battery ?
  5. The specification is 6.0V, so 6.2V should be good, but what really counts is under load.
    They are rated based on a 200 ohm load, and should be more than 4.0V under load.

    Yes, in the old days with mechanical frame counters we didn't have to worry about that.
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