batch jpeg to tiff with backround removed

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  1. I am new to old photoshop 7 with image ready.
    how do i do the above
  2. testing to see if i get an email resonse
  3. These are separate operations, but could be batched together. Batch conversion jpg to tif is easy, removing background is not unless you have one solid background, then it would be. Your question is far too broad without reference images for meaningful answers.
  4. Batch it? Probably not, but it depends upon the subjects and exactly what you mean by
    'remove background'. Can you tell us more?

    If all the backgrounds have a single, distinguishing color (a hue and luminance not in the
    foreground) then it is possible. In this case, you can also batch a 'trim' which crops the
    image down to the distinguishing foreground object.

    If the foreground object is has clearly distinct edges compared to anything in the
    background it is also possible, but highly dependent upon the profundity of the edge

    But perhaps you want to crop something out, make the image just of the object and leave
    a bit of background, and the background is not distinguished by a hue/luminance? Then if
    the foreground object is the same size and in the same place in every image, , then you
    can batch-crop.

    Otherwise, nope. Not in batch, and not without a heck of a lot of manual work on each

    Now, to cover all bases, there is the potential in removing parts of an image when the
    distinguishing objects are in focus and the rest of the image is significantly unfocused,
    however that's beyond the scope of your question. Or is it?

    We really need to know more about the pictures you are working with. If you could post an
    example of the typical case it would help.
  5. it will have a solid background of a color of my choosing.
    the files will be made in blender.
    it will end up looking like a animated gif.
    (studio 10 does not accept them so i am using jpeg to tiff - to avi! )
    I have never used PS 7 so please give the steps.
    thanks for your help

    i got this when i tried to post a reply
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  6. is a sample
  7. If you keep the background the very same from image to image, then you probably do not
    have to remove it!
  8. Remember it is from a jpeg and i need a transparent background when it becomes a tiff.
    exactly what are the steps to do this?
  9. ImageMagick probably has the tools you need. If I read you correctly, you need to convert jpeg to tiff, changing one color to transparent in the process. IM should handle that with no problems. But there may be easier ways.
    I've used Gimp for creating motion gif's from Blender jpegs. In the attached image the blue background was added to monochrome Blender jpegs and converted to gif using Gimp. Also, Gimp GAP has support for chroma-key. If you're still using Windows, try the Gimp-Win installers.
  10. You want to make an AVI? Bummer. Imageready can create animated gifs easily. I don't
    know if Version 7 exports to Flash, but CS2 does.

    If you only have a dozen or so pictures to process, doing it manually is very easy. See the
    steps below and save as TIFF. (Blender should also take PNG files.) Also, I'm betting that
    someone will volunteer to do the job for you. It's simpler than typing out the steps. :) If I
    were at work, I'd offer but I'm home without CS.

    Anywho - try this. Put all the pictures into a folder. No other stuff in there. That's your
    input folder. Create another folder. Leave it empty. This one will receive the modified

    Open the Actions window. Then click on the empty-document icon at the bottom of the
    pallet (that's to create a new action.) Option-click on the background layer (the only layer)
    to unlock it. (Might not be necessary, really.) Next take the eyedropper from the lefthand
    pallet and click on the background color. Now up under the Select menu (top) take "Select
    Color". There is a slider there. Move to to "100". Press the backspace or delete key. (Your
    background is now gone.) At the bottom of the Actions pallet, press the stop button.

    You now have an action.

    Don't save the image. Just close it without saving.

    Now you can go to File - Automate - Batch Processing. Select the action you just created.
    Select the folder of images for input. Select the empty folder for output.

    SOMEONE ELSE will have to step in here - I haven't used Version 7 for so long that I'm not
    sure it has the option to save as TIFF without you having to press Return. Someone?

    Oh, and there is a slightly better way to remove the background using a mask. Someone
    else can chime in there.

    If you can get CS2 on a demo basis (It might still be free from, it has a
    much better option under File - Automate - Scripts called "Image Processor" which spits
    out different file types automatically, into dedicated folders. It includes the option to run
    your Action. Very slick.
  11. ImageMagick
    Good point. But I have a feeling the OP doesn't want to get into command-language mode.

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