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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by concert_images, May 23, 2005.

  1. Hi, I know I need to write a specific action in PS7 for the
    following, but could do with someone walking me through it! I have
    tried to set up batch actions before but they have never worked - so
    I'm obviously doing something wrong!

    Here's what I need doing:

    I have a folder with images which are 1500x2250 pixels and 2250 x
    1500 at 300 dpi TIFFs. Without recording over those, I need to resize
    them, saving them elsewhere as 360 x 540 and 540 x 360 at 72 dpi as
    JPEGs. Then I need to add a 3 pixel border around the edge in a
    specific colour found in PS's colour palette. I need to Save for Web
    in a totally separate folder.

    I also need to do the same as above, creating 100 x 67 and 67 x 100
    pixel thumbnails at 72dpi, ditto with the 3 pixel colour border.

    All other editing has already been performed on the images. This is
    to send to a web designer for my new website.

    Again, these need to be in a separate folder without recording over
    my original scans.


  2. Just to keep things simple, I'd suggest you set up a separate folder for this, and copy all the files involved to this folder. This approach is much safer, and eliminates one of the trickier options of Photoshop batches, "saving as". It can be done, but why risk your originals. A few sconds prep in Windows Explorer (assuming this is your system) just avoids the hassle. Copy a few files there, and experiment.

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