Barnack Leicas in the media - more than the M?

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  1. In the spirit of Rick's recent post featuring his LTM bodies, I present Kendall Jenner posing with what seems to be a IIIf ST plus Summitar for Tod's shoes:

    Link: Kendall Jenner is New Face of Tod' s Brand - Elegance

    The lens could be either a Summitar or a Summicron but it's hard to tell. I once owned a collapsible Summicron, and the lens on Kendall's Leica seems to be slightly different. So I think it's a Summitar.

    I suspect that Barnack Leicas appear in the media more often than M Leicas. I've noticed Barnack bodies in quite a few TV shows, ads and movies ever since the early '90s. I've seen the M around too, but not as much.
  2. Kendall Jenner actually looks like she knows how to use the IIIf. As an advertising accessory a Leica in the hands of a model(holding the camera with familiarity) speaks to me of seeking out quality with an interest in serious photography, Additionally I've seen several Brad Pitt images with an M9 in or on the cover of several tabloid magazines.
  3. Well, it is definitely a LTM camera, but too few pixels for me to even make sure it isn't a Soviet or other postwar clone.
    As it happens, the M3 and other later Leicas do appear fairly often if you look closely enough.
    (e.g., LINK)
  4. She would look MORE like she knew what she was doing if the lens was actually extended for use, LOL....
  5. I think there's just enough detail to see what looks like the one piece diecast construction of the IIIc / IIIf - the chrome seems to extend down towards the lens mount. The Soviet copies look like the 30s Leicas, which don't have this. Discounting the very rare IIId, only the ST variant of the IIIf has a timer lever.
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