Bargains in 35mm

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  1. For their December 1962 issue Modern Photography magazine took a look at the used camera market. They made some interesting choices.

    Bargain 35's 1 sm 2
  2. Worried about your prints fading? Here is how they took care of it 55 years ago.

    35mm 1 sm 2
  3. Here is part 4 in Bennett Sherman's story of a lens.

    TT 1 sm 2
  4. Should you trade in your old meterless Herbertflex for the new Kepplerflex? Burt supplies the answer.

    Keppler 1 sm 2
  5. Here is this month's Too Hot to Handle column.

    THTH 1 sm 2
  6. Konica has released their CdS meter system for their 35mm camera.

    Konica CdS 1 sm 2
  7. High Speed Ektachrome is now available in 120 format.

    HSE 1 sm 2
  8. There are some interesting camera equipment ads this month.

    Alpa 1 sm 2
  9. Here are this month's dealer ads.

    BB 1 sm 2
  10. As always, an excellent look back. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I don't often comment but I enjoy these Marc. That bit about High Speed Ektachrome takes me back a bit when that was the only Ektachrome I used but used it nearly every day.

    Rick H.
  12. Mike - Glad you like it.

    Rick - I remember using High Speed Ektachrome for the 1984 Summer Olympics. It seemed like such a fast film after using Kodachrome 25.

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