Bangkok Floating Market

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  1. bangkok  floating market.JPG
    Minox 35ML
    Fujicolor 100
  2. Very strange. Aren’t you supposed to shoot secret documents with a Minox?
  3. Not all Minox are spy camera. Minox 35ML is a pocketable 35mm film
    camera. There are other similar 35mm film camera, for example
    Olympus X3. Film double perforated 24x36mm roll film
    No doubt, Minox 35ML is a small camera, however it is not a spy camera

    Minox spy camera such as Minox B, Minox C , Minox TLX use 9.5mm wide film,film format 8mm x 11 mm, about the size of finger nail
  4. Even Minox spy camera, only small percentage being used in
    espionage. Many Minox fans use it because it is small and pocketabe.
    Prince Philips used Minox to photograph seabirds in southern waters.
  5. Do you think carrying a Minox spy camera would be a problem at immigration/customs (assuming one can travel) if they searched your luggage?
  6. I travelled to China,USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary,
    Greece, Japan,Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, with three Miinox
    spy cameras, never had any problem at airport security
  7. In 2010, we travelled to The Three Gorge in China, when
    stepped on the dam, I was stop by the security, their scanner
    found my Minox cameras. They were afraid my cameras may
    be empty and filled with expossive. I took the camera and
    clicked a few shots and show them the cameras were loaded
    with real film. They let us on the dam. Breath taking .

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