Banding with Nikon D300 - False Alarm

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by hugh_sakols, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. I have just discovered that my Nikon D300 has developed a problem vertical bands. Apparently, this used to be a problem at long exposure times, yet it was fixed after a change in firmware. My problem is happening at fast shutter speeds even after upgrading to the latest firmware. Here is a crop of an image with vertical banding. Unfortunately, it is not as apparent on this jpeg. Look closely at the limb that extends to the left. Why would only my camera have this problem?
    Hugh Sakols
  2. ShunCheung

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    Could you crop a small section where you think has this banding problem and show that to us at the pixel level?
    As the way it is, it is hard to see any problem.
  3. I see no band there, it must be muzak.
  4. On my screen, the shot looks really compressed and "flat" toned. I don't see banding, but I'm not sure where to look.
  5. To be honest, I cant really see the problem you wrote above in your post. Maybe as Shun have said, a little crop from your image that for you looks bad would be helpfull ?
  6. OK, at 300% I see what you could mean. Does not look like banding to me though, more like moiré. It's simply fine texture, well captured by a sharp lens, that happens to interfere with the pixel raster. At least that's what I see in your sample.
    You say the image is a crop. Does that mean it's already 100%? If so, you don't have a problem at all. At least certainly not in this picture.
  7. This is really strange. Looking at my post I can't see anything either. However, when I look at my NEF files, I can see serious banding without zooming in. I also see it when I preview in the camera. I went ahead and made another closer crop, but it isn't apparent in the compressed JPEG. Thanks for looking - I'm just trying to trouble shoot what is going on before I decide to send the camera in to Nikon.
  8. What program are you using to view your NEF files?
  9. I'm viewing my NEF files in lightroom. Also when I export the file to a PSD, I still clearly see banding.
  10. have you tried viewing your images on a different display?
  11. No, I haven't tried a different display. I will try that when I can. Keep in mind, I see the banding even when I preview in the camera.
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  13. Yes, I'm getting the same artifacts that Shun posted, yet my lines are vertical and are apparent throughout the image. Is there a fix to get rid of this or do I send the camera in? Thanks again for all your help. It looks like a nice spring storm coming through Yosemite this weekend and I want to be ready.
  14. Hugh, as an alternative to providing an actual NEF, can you make a screen capture with the problem displayed? You can attach a screen capture here in JPEG or PNG format. (PNG will appear only as a link, but has the advantage of being smaller than a TIFF while not introducing excessive JPEG compression artifacts.)
    This may help determine whether it's a problem with the actual image itself, or with your display, computer or software settings.
  15. the title of this thread scares me. but if nikon somehow programmed all d300's to self-destruct a week after the warranty period expired, we probably would have heard about it before.

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