Banding on 1DsII - have you seen that ?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by qtluong, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Here is a crop from an image shot with the 1DsII that shows pretty strong banding. Admittedly the conditions were difficult (15s at ASA 400, white balance adjusted from "as shot" around 4000 to less than 2000), but yet I have never seen something like that happen. Have you ?
  2. FYI, here is the full image
  3. I've seen it before on a 5D, probably it was RAW file processed in photoshop/lightroom [?]. Do you see the same thing on a .jpg files? (.jpg from camera) [probably yes] If you don't then try using canon software and check if it still shows up. If it is still there the sensor have to be changed to a new one. [But don't worry, I may be wrong...] It is usually not visible (only on big enlargements). Ask canon if they would change it for free.
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    I have under a few circumstances seen simmilar effects on my 20D. I could get them when photographing "flat" scenes when using RAW. I had a number of gripes about the 20D which were unresolved, so I didn't bother to mention that one figuring that everyone would say that I was just being 'fussy'

    It is perhaps noticable on this crop upscaled a little. I found it looking like "an inkjet print on canvas"

    I've got more if you're curious, and I'm happy to send the RAW files too
  5. Saurabh Deoras,

    Given thatt this photo is from inside a cave (Mammoth?) I would not suspect RFI. But the banding is rather curious...
  6. Hi

    another example from the same day
  7. I seen it with the 5D when shooting color, in-camera jpg's at 1600 ISO (or ASA, if your memory goes back that far!). However, I'm not certain if I've seen it when using in-camera B&W jpg's or jpg's from RAW. I'm checking the archives now.
  8. I've seen it in my 1ds2 a long time ago. I believe there was a firmware update which was supposed to deal with it, so you might want to check that.
  9. My 1DsII showed that same striping almost two years ago. I sent it to Canon, who repaired it and returned it with these service details: "Replaced pcbassy.A2.check.clean." I have not seen the striping since.
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