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  1. Hello all. I'm looking to get a used studio lighting setup, mostly just for fun and family type photos. I've been playing around with off-camera speedlight for a while now and am having a lot of fun with it. I've been trolling craigslist and am finding some good deals on 2-4 light sets. One brand that keeps coming up is Balcar. Now, from doing some research these seem to be quality items but I'm wondering about the future availability of of flash tubes should one go out. I've seen a couple of online resources currently but am curious about the long term.
    Any thoughts would be apprectiated. Thanks.
  2. As long as the strobes are working when you buy
    them, I wouldn't give a second's thought to tube
    life. Xenon tubes have a working life of many
    thousands of flashes. It's unlikely you'll wear
    one out with amateur use.
    There's always the possibility of accidental damage, but that's going to be the same for any brand or condition of flash.
    Modelling lamps should be considered as fair wear and tear items. Expect to replace them occasionally.
    I'd be much more concerned about how easy it is to buy modifiers and fit them. The commonest speedring fitting is probably Bowens S, offering the widest range and lowest price for softboxes, etc.
  3. Thank you Rodeo Joe (love the name). Was
    kinda thinking that but trying to think of the
    worst before I throw money at em. Theres a
    guy in my neiborhood selling a set so
    checking them out will be a no brainer.
  4. AJG


    If you're in the US, the mount for reflectors is the same as the Paul C. Buff White Lightning X series and Einstein strobes, for which there are lots of accessories available. I don't know if all of the accessories would be compatible, but basic reflectors should work for both. +1 for RJ's comment on flash tubes--they should last a long time if they're not abused.
  5. Yes, I noticed that it shares accessory
    mounting, which is a plus. Another plus is that
    he's asking $250 for a Rapid 600 pack with
    three heads with all the cords and metal
    reflectors on all the heads. If they work as
    they're supposed to, I figure I can't go too
  6. I know has a few in the box unused Balcar flashtubes as they bought my Balcar equipment.

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