Bag for D200 and 70-200 f/2.8

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by leonard_forte|1, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. I just got a nikon 70-200mm VR lens and would like a bag (Lowepro) to hold a
    D200 with 70-200 zoom attached + one or possibly two other lenses such as
    Tokina 12-24mm and nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4. I'd like a bag I can go walking with
    with quick access to the camera and lenses. Is there any such bag?
  2. ShunCheung

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    Not sure you like a sling bag, but you can fit all that stuffs in the LowePro SlingShot 300 AW:

    The next thread has an image showing how the 70-200mm/f2.8 fits inside the SlingShot 300 AW:
  3. Is there quick access (without setting the bag down)?
  4. ShunCheung

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    Ok, here is a link to the LowePro site for the 300 AW. Take a look at their alternate views #9 and 10:,2036,4.htm

    Keep in mind that they have smaller 200 AW and 100 AW models. Only the 300 AW can hold a 70-200mm/f2.8.
  5. get a Domke F-2b.

    Best bag ever.
  6. The LowePro Slingshot bags are an excellent choice. I just used one for a trip and I would recommend it to anyone. I have the 200 but I'm sure Shun is correct about the 70-200 lens mounted on the camera. If you can find one at a shop to try on it will help your decision. Great quality and easy to carry. The sling design works as advertised.
  7. I have a Lowepro Toploader 75 (with chest harness) and 2 extra Lowepro lens cases that you can attach to the outside of the Toploader.

    Since it has a chest harness, access is very fast -- it's right in front of you -- whether walking, hiking, biking, skiing, riding a horse, etc...

  8. ShunCheung

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    The attached image shows a LowePro SlingShot 200 AW (left) and 300 AW side by side. You can't really fit the 70-200mm/f2.8 inside the 200 version.
  9. The Lowepro Off Trail 2 might be one to look at. It's like a holster with two lens cases strapped to it. I'm considering it for my F4s plus gear.
  10. You might want to look at the Lowepro Primus AW. I have one and love it. The bag fits well, is fairly light and has a separate compartment to keep lunch, jackets, accessories, etc.

    It looks like a regular day pack, but you can reach around your right side and slip the camera right out. It takes some practice, but I had it down to an art after about a week.

    Also, you can get access to the bag by slipping your arms out of the straps while leaving the belt attached and rotating it around your body. The bag never needs to leave the security of your body.

    I think it will hold a 70-200. At least I hope it will as that is my next glass purchase.
  11. Leonard: what is nice about the the Slingshot 300 is that you can wear it like a backpack but sling it around to the front and open the compartment cover and it opens out, which is nice so you are not fighting your bag. Also, I have 2 D200s and I always carry my second bod in the very top compartment.

    I have similar lens config I often take out: 80-200; Sigma 10-20mm; and generally a mid prime such as a 50mm or 85mm. I also keep a 2x TC in the bag.

    I have a bad back and this bag is pretty comfortable for an all day outer, hiking, sports shoots, or whatever.

    Highly recommended on or off the job.

    Plenty of room for a granola bar
  12. I have an unusual approach. I have an Oversized fanny pack from LLBean (Trail Lumbar Pack, Mountainsmith also makes good ones) that has both waist straps and shoulder straps with sternum strap like a backback. In this I have my D80 in a Quantray Camera Holster, the SB600 in its padded case and the 70-200 in its padded lens holder.

    I love this set up for out-door hiking because it is very easy to drop the shoulder strap off and slide the bag to the side of my hips for top access to the bag without lifing a flap first, it has two water bottle holders (also good for extra lenses in padded holders), and is designed for hiking (read comfortable for hours on end). It has an extra front pocket for keys, fleece vest, snacks, and other items.
  13. Thanks All! I think I will go to photo store and try out the Lowepro slingshot 300 and the toploader 75. My main concern is quick acces to camera and lens
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    Leonard, a lot of people like the SlingShot; in fact, between my wife and me, two have two 200's and two 300's, but that says nothing about whether you'll like it or not. Some people don't like its one-shoulder-strap design. The larger 300 has an additional waist strap that supports part of the weight.

    Trying it out at a store is definitely the way to go.
  15. If you want very quick access to the combo, and are going to carry it without other lenses, then a great solution is the Toploader series from LowePro. I have two of them and have used several. The ones that your equipment will fit are the Toploader Zoom AW, the 70 AW, and the 75 AW.

    The first two will accommodate the D200 and any 70/80-200 zoom, without the grip. You should be able to squeeze the D200 and grip attached in as well, but it's a tight fit. The 75 AW will accommodate just fine. I use the Zoom AW with my D200 and 80-200 AFS lens. The advantage of the Zoom AW is it's as deep as the 75 AW, but the same width/depth as the 70 AW. It's also lighter in weight, and includes a shoulder harness for chest mounting, as well as compatibility with LowePro belt systems, which all three are.

    If you like the toploading arrangement, but need more room for another lens/body, etc., consider the Specialist 85 AW. I've used this for years as my carry-around for short field sporting events, where I need two bodies, and extra lenses and/or accessories. It enables me to keep one covered and protected, but easily available for quick access, on a belt/shoulder support system. I can keep in on my hip if there's room, or swing it around to the rear if I need to move quickly through congested areas.

    I've found all the above, as well as many other shoulder bags and backpacks to be well made, and contrary to an earlier poster, have had no quality issues with the LowePro line. I consider them to be part of the same premier league as ThinkTank, Tamrac, Domke, etc. Good luck on your choices!

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