Bag Bellows on Ebony SVTe

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by brian_ellis|3, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. This is a question for any Ebony owner who has a bag bellows. I
    bought a used bag bellows from a reputable retailer and tried it for
    the first time today on my SVTe. I had a good bit of difficulty
    getting it to stay on the front standard. The normal bellows has a
    metal "lip" all around the front and when installing the bellows it's
    easy to slide the bottom lip into the slot on the bottom of the front
    standard and then to move the top slider over the top lip. My bag
    bellows doesn't have such a lip. Instead, the bellows material is
    virtually flush with the metal front. That seems to be why it was so
    difficult to fit it into the bottom slot and then to slide the top
    slider over the top of the bellows.

    My question to any Ebony owner who owns the bag bellows: is it normal
    for the bag bellows to not have the same "lip" around the front that
    the standard bellows has?

    Probably I just need some practice, this is the first bag bellows
    I've owned, but does anyone have any tips for installing the thing? I
    followed the instructions but they're very brief and don't go into
    any detail.
  2. Why don't you check in with Ian Wilson, their rep.
  3. Brian, my bag bellows has a metal frame "lip" around the front as well as the back just like the standard bellows.
  4. Thanks, I followed the suggestion that I contact Ian. He said that it doesn't sound right to him and wants to see a picture of it.

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