Baffle in 135mm Nikon lens for Nikon S2

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  1. I just bought a 135mm Nikon lens S mount. While fiddling with lens, salesman caused a fragile baffle within lens to be dislodged. I took lens anyway with 60 day guarantee to return if not satisfied.
    When lens extend to focus closer than infinity, the shiny brass of the barrel is exposed. When shooting with sun behind, seems to be no problem, but shooting at scene in general direction of sun, created a dead center flare on negative. However, examination of identical lens I have for my Contax IIa found the baffle missing there also. The baffle seems to be made of a blackish thin foil that adhered to the guide for the focusing guide but adhesive failed long ago.
    Pics were taken without lens shade. Expect delivery of one in a week or so.
    So my questions are: How crucial was this baffle? What was it made of? Will lend shade solve problem of flare? If I know what can be used to replace missing baffle, store will do necessary repairs.
    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. JVMvW, since I bought an identical lens for my Contax, and when comparing with my recent acquisition for Nikon S mount, realized it also lacked a baffle, I wonder how many of these lenses still retained their baffle. Apparently the adhesive fails after so many years. Upon further examination If you extend your lens, do you see the bright brass become visible just behind and above the guide to the focusing mechanism? If so, do you experience any flare? Or would a lens hood solve the problem?
    I believe a baffle ca be replaced with a small ring made out of paper if this baffle is absolutely necessary. Or was Nikon simply mimicking Zeiss over engineering?
    I am envious of your complete lens, which includes proper lens shade.
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  4. JDMvW, could you extend the lens as if for a close up and take a picture showing the groove where the focusing cam moves up and down? I would like to see how the baffle fits (or visible brass of lens barrel is baffle is not present). I didn’t know that there was a baffle until one fell out from rear of lens.
    If yours has no baffle but never revealed flare because used with lens shade would be good news for me. If your copy has the baffle, I would like to use your lens as a model for installing one. I have the broken baffle, which seems to be a kind of metalised paper, think an aluminum chocolate wrapper, only a little thinner with a darker foil.
    Sorry for the bother, but a picture would be a great help.
  5. I'm confused. I thought the painted-black brass thingie was the baffle.
  6. No. On my two lenses, there apparently was glued a foil like tape that formed a circle with one end from one side of the groove for the rangefinder, along the circumference of that piece , ending at the other side o the groove. The ends next to the groove are asymmetrical on one side. Asymmetrical in order to cover the bright brass that is visible as the lens focus moves away from infinity.
    When you adjust lens for close distance and look though from back of lens, do you see the bright shiny helicoid brass?
    If you can see the bright brass and get no flare, then an example ofZeiss-Nikon caution. My flare has the shape of a circle dead center in the frame, I can solve with lens hood.
    On the other hand, if that fragile piece is still attached in your liens, I would appreciate a picture. It’s possible what you thought was indeed a baffle, but too sort and required a fix.
  7. I meant asymmetrical so that the tape would sit higher than your baffle.
  8. JDMvW, just too another look. Seems like the missing baffle was meant to cover the silver colored helicoid barrel, looks like the bright brass ring is facing the back of the lens. So, when you extend the lens, do you see the silver?
  9. is this what you mean?
    Only silver. but it is all the metal tube.
    full extension of focus

    still confused about where the "baffle" you're talkin about is on or in the lens??
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  10. No, remove rear cap. Extend lens from infinity to closest focus. Look through rear of lens. The focus mechanism has a small pin that rides in a slot. Looking above the rim of the tube with the slot can bright metal be seen? The tube with slot functions as a baffle, but can not extend long enough to cover bright metal, so a very thin strip of a foil like piece was glued to top of this tube with slot.
    So my question is: Have you experienced flare or not when photographing towards light source? If not, does your lens still have that baffle extension? If no extension, would that indicate that a lens shade would end flare. The extension is missing from both of my lenses.
  11. Anyway, no flare. I still am not sure what you are calling a "baffle" but I don't seem to have one

    can you give a picture of your lens rear and the detached 'baffle'?
  12. I see that you did rack the lens all the way out. If you look from the back, do you see the shiny brass of the lens barrel’s inner surface?
    I can’t tell from angle of picture. If you can see brass, that baffle is missing. The fact that you have no flare is reassuring. Could be Zeiss/Nikon over engineering.
    I wouldn’t have known of its existence were if I hadn’t seen it bounce out of the lens. After all, would be a stretch to expect a glue to hold for over half a century.
    I’m expecting delivery of a generic 43mm and will do some testing. If still get flare I believe a small piece of gaffers tape could replace the missing baffle. I finally figured how it fits.
    Let me known what you see. I really appreciate your time and effort. Thanks.
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    I also have a brass barrel 135 Nikkor for Contax mount (the "c" engraved on the focusing ring) without any extra baffle. It came to me that way via eBay and has been a good lens without any notable flare problem. There is a bit of brass focusing mount showing at minimum focusing distance, but not much and it hasn't caused me any problems. I would be curious to see your lens and the missing baffle.
  14. Will send pics tomorrow. Right now my work table looks like W.C. Fields’ desk.
  15. pictures would be better than a 1000 words
  16. The cloth lining reduces reflections and glare. The brass of the helical is exposed when focusing closer than ~6ft. This area is so close to the rear element, it should not be an issue. It is no an issue on my copies.

    I would look at the sides of the interior glass- if they have lost their anti-reflective black paint, you could get a flare problem.
  17. The Carl Zeiss Jena 13.5cm F4 used a metal baffle where Nikon uses cloth. Interesting that Nikon did not follow Zeiss' lead on this point.
  18. Baffle is missing from both my Zeiss and Nikon versions. Should be a simple fix since I have broken remnants if the Nikon lens as a pattern. Both apparently were fixed to lens with a glue that dried out.never.
    Brian, what do you think of using a small piece of gaffers tape as a replacement?
    I never noticed missing baffle in Zeiss lens because I hardly used it. I have always found an135mm lens difficult to master compared to 85-90mm and 150mm, so i intend to play around with 135mm for a while to get the hang of it.
  19. I would give the tape a try. Thinner than using self-sticking foam. I've used a sharpie to simple blacken exposed brass surfaces with good luck.

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