Backyards of the Global Strip

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  1. I visited the urban fringe yesterday morning. This part is East of the Global Strip about 1 Km. It is all new development, partly from old village strips and partly new from barren lands. Had a fairly good sunshine with clouds coming in now and then around 0930 in the morning. Though it was a Sunday the activities were on, showing how fast this area is getting built up. It will be an unregulated concrete jungle soon with structures ranging from the rich and elite to the poor and unsettled. This is one of the zones in the city, most impacted by the Global Strip. There has been a big increase in criminal activities of all kinds, too.
    Old time residents suffer the most as they are in the aging cohorts, used to retired and peaceful life-styles. They are in a minority now. Developers, the land mafia, the drug traders and plain criminals are clustering here attracted by the affluence of the Global Strip-generated employees and trade. The police are not able to keep up with the rise in crime rates.
    I used my new Praktica Super TL 1000 with the Pentacon 50mm lens. The lens came with fungus and dirt. But I could open it fairly easily; the front group comes out in one cylinder and the rear group comes out in another from either side of the aperture blades. The fungus was on the inside surface the front element and the inside lens surface of the rear group. Got cleaned easily with Ammonia and Peroxide 50-50 mixture, then with filtered water and then petrol [gas] and blown dry. I am lucky that the fungus did not leave any etching marks on the glass or the coating.
    I hope the general ambiance in the pictures convey the social characteristics, [at least] partly. Here are some samples.
  2. Mostly construction workers and related service people come here. Vantage location gets continuous custom to this place.
  3. The roads are not built yet. It is only dirt track and some make believe right of way!
  4. The delivery networks and servicemen seem to keep up some how amidst all the chaos and traffic jams.
  5. Sorry cannot edit "chaim" to "chain"; but I did mean chain!
  6. Residential and commercial seem to dominate this area. very little of the Industrial uses locate here. The land costs would be too high for them.
  7. One of the young participants in the recent Obama interactions raised the question "when Americans want their children to eat organic food and fresh vegetables and fruits...why is the president encouraging Pepsico and Coca Cola to sell in India?" Obama visit occasioned good debates and a lot of good will too, here.
  8. These narrow streets will become intense Bazaars in the coming years. Small property owners cling on here as the asset and rental values bring huge profits.
  9. She would be typical of those who owned [or part-owned] a shack or hutment here. The biggies or the city will evacuate her soon for expansion of the road or some big construction.
  10. The steel quality has improved great deal over the past two decades. In the 1980s the half inch rod used to be that at one end and much smaller at the other end! We used to call them mockingly as the "rat tail rods.' Many re-rolling mills "adulterated" standard bundles with such dubious stuff.
  11. Traffic was heavy for a Sunday morning. Working days are horrible!
  12. Possibly, an IT worker with one of the many MNCs on the strip.
  13. Pardon the goof up on spellings and numbering. Mild steel ought be number 9. Difficult to edit and correct things here.
    Yes, I used the same ORWO UN 54 ASA100 film and developed it in my home brew. Thanks for viewing and your comments. regards, sp.
  14. Now that's a fine lens, SP, great tones, excellent detail in the shadows and highlights, and the sky detail is immaculate with no evidence of flare; "LPG Cylinders in Transit " is a good example of this technical quality. Was it one of your custom lens hoods causing the slight vignetting? This is a really interesting series of photographs, and the home brew seems to improve with each posting. Your comments on the social deterioration are a little sad and disturbing... Thanks for another enjoyable post.
  15. Nice work. Worried woman is great. Also, the home brew seems to have done a great job with the tones this time.
  16. Worried woman is one of my favorites too.
    What great documentation of the community, illustrating all the 'benefits' and 'debits' of run-away development.
    I just got a 'new' Praktica FX3, a US variant of the FX2. Camera seems to work fine, but I was more interested in the A. Schacht 13.5cm lens on it. These old teles are really primitive, just a few bits of glass at the front and a long hollow tube, but they work fine.
  17. Thanks for taking the time to post and share. I feel like I've visited a little bit of the hustle & bustle & congestion of your city.
    Change is contstant in all parts of the world, isn't it?
    Beautiful work.
  18. Wonder if it will display the following picture size!
  19. This is 529x800 Pixels. I am glad to see it displays here. Seems like a better size than the others. sp
  20. Nice commentary and excellent employment of SPs homebrew. The tone and range is very good and that lens is no sloucher either!
  21. Wonderful series, Subbarayan. Your images make me feel like I'm there. Good sharpness and contrast. Your film and developer combination really works well. Enjoyable post. Thanks.
  22. Very fascinating photos, Subb. May I call you Subb? on my flat keyboard laptop, I often hit the wrong key and the cursor goes god knows where, so the less letters I type the better.
    I have never heard the term Global Strip and I assumed it was something you made up. Is it now official usage?
    As a fellow "Husky", if there is ever something I can do for you from the Seattle area, please don't hesitate to let me know.
  23. Thank You James! The above thread is what I posted on the Global Strip. it may interest you. This thread is a follow up I had promised; yes the nomenclature is mine. "Subb" is fine. No, it is not official usage. Have not been Seattle way since 1976. Would love to visit old friends, plenty of them. Would stop by and share a beer with you! Best, sp.
  24. I'm always interested in seeing what others are taking photos of in other parts of the world. A photo tells as much about the person taking it as it does the place, I think.
    Kent in SD
  25. Thanks for the pics SP, there is no news of small companies in your part of the world, no pictures so this is all new.I wonder if the kids play cricket ,I read they are keen.
  26. Thanks Rick; yes it is my lens hood. Thanks kayam; I like that shot too. Perhaps I should have taken the camera to a lower angle. But I had to click before she changed her position or expression. I am impressed with the early Prakticas up to FX3, JDM, by their simple elegance and reliable design and build. Thanks Doug; I am glad you enjoyed these. Chuck, I find the Oreston and the Pentacon 50mm to be superb lenses. My first reliable SLR was an Exakta RTL1000 with an Oreston. Bought anew in 1971 it is still working without a flaw. Thanks Mike, Kent. sp.
  27. Alan, Thanks; most of my pictures posted in this forum have been about the cityscape street scenes, small business and Bazaar traders of the unorganized sector. That is what most of India is, perhaps 98% of it. I agree that they don't make big news on the TV or newspaper world. I have not yet visited the Cricket fields or the practice nets. Travel across the city is like an expedition. It takes 2 to 3 hours of driving each way to cover 20 kms. They are digging up everywhere for the Metro rail and road expansion projects. The traffic volumes are also increasing day by day. Regards, sp.

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