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  1. 0368a Turistas Mochilas-Rua dos Douradores NAFS18-105VR.jpg Nikkor AF-S 18-105 DX (105)
  2. "Altiplanic Winter" in San Pedro de Atacama (Chile)
    Epson R-D1, Canon 35mm f:1,8 LTM (1960)
  3. Shiloh Battlefield Backpackers (rain)
  4. . . In the Black Forest. (Painted Desert North section, Petrified Forest Nat'l Park, Arizona).
    [​IMG]. . Arizona. 1977 by Reinhold S., on Flickr. . Neg# DEAZ 040-35. Nikon FM-10, 105mm. E6 desaturated Ektachrome 1977
  5. 1978 Selfie. South of Bear Valley, Calif. on the Tahoe - Yosemite Trail. 2k18-Bear Valley Calif-004tp ces5 bc.jpg
  6. What I woulld call overdoing it... 234.Maurizio mit schwerem Gepäck.JPG

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