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  1. Am looking for a backpack for my D2Hs and wondering if anyone has experience with the Tamrac Adventure 7 (Model

    What I intend to fit into the backpack are
    - D2Hs with a lens like the 18-70mm f3.5-4.5
    - SB 800
    - some lenses like the 35mm f2 and 105mm f2.8

    I am really looking for a backpack that has a dual compartment as I think it will be pretty handy when going for
    a short holiday. So the Adventure 7 looks pretty good in that respect, but I am open to other suggestions.

    Ideally, the backpack does not have a laptop compartment as the compartment will make the bag bigger.

  2. Look at the Thinktank Photo Shiftshaper instead:

    there's a review at
  3. LowePro Vertex's are GREAT bags,

    I have the 200 but it may be a tad to big for your need, but the 100 should be perfect, plus you have a tripod mount, which is VERY WELL designed..
    also rain cover, these lowepro are built like the D2H..
  4. i like the kata dr-467. it's designed better than the tamrac adventure bags. unlike the tamrac, it has a cantilevered camera compartment so your stuff doesn't fall manufacturing, too.
  5. Hi Alvin,

    I use several bags, one of them being the Adventure 7 and it also happens to be the bag I use most often as its small, does not stand
    out as a camera bag , is comfortable and holds a basic "Pro" kit.

    I most often carry the following in it with no problem:

    Nikon D3 with 60 f2.8 AFS attached, lens down, prism to front in the centre of the bag

    right hand partition..... Nikkor 14-24 F2.8 AFS lens lying down with front element towards the back of the bag

    left hand partition ......Nikkor 105 F2.8 AFS VR micro lens lying down

    The top compartment carries my lunch and a light weight raincoat

    everything fits inside without any real force, and the camera does not stand up "proud" of its compartment. When I need a flashgun I
    carry the SB800 in the top along with my lunch and forego the coat.

    If your 105 lens in not the VR version then you will be able to get it and the 35mm side by side in either the left or right hand partition,
    but it would be best to put them in the left hand partition ( looking from the front of the bag ) and the flash lying on its back in the right
    hand, this way the camera grip will not foul with the flash head when the camera is located "prism facing front" .

    So based on the gear I get into it without a problem you can see that it should work very well for your outfit. BTW, it is a very well made
    bag that offers very good protection and is also a bargain, it can be bought here in the UK for around 39 pounds. My only gripe is with
    the velcro "tabs" used on the dividers and the narrow strips of velcro on the bag walls, it would be quicker to reposition the dividers if the
    attachments were similar to the system used by Lowepro and others, but its only a minor gripe.

    Its a very good and much underrated bag that will serve you well should you buy it.

    BTW, I also have an Adventure 9 but its surprising just how much larger it is and also more obvious as to what's probably within it !

  6. Eric,

    Under normal use your gear should not fall out of the Adventure 7 ( or the smaller 6 ) as its design is like the lowepro Orion
    Trekker bags. However it could be possible for it to fall out of the bigger Adventure 9 & 10 as these bags hold the
    equipment in a similar fashion to a traditional backpack.

  7. I use the Adventure 7 and just love it!!! I can get my D300, D70s, 18-70, 55-200 and SB-800 flash in the bottom compartment and lunch, coat and anything else in the top compartment. My wife liked it so much, I got her one. We are planning a trip to New Orleans and everything we want to take will fit in both. The front zipper compartment holds CF cards, batteries. It is just a great bag. And it has water bottle holders on the outside, 2 in fact.

    You will love it.

  8. Wow. Thanks guys! Seems like the Adventure 7 is the way to go.

    Thanks Simon. Really appreciate such a detailed explanation on how to make full use of the space.
  9. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Thanks to Simon and Randy for the info. Here are some direct links to Tamrac's web site:

    Adventure 7 (AKA #5547):

    And the larger Adventure 9 (#5549), which has an additional laptop compartment:
  10. Hi again Alvin, I am glad I could be of help. I have just come home from work and have taken a few "snap shots" so you can get a better idea, the images were rather rushed as my wife had prepared my evening meal which I was yet to eat ! But they should give you the general idea and help you to decide. Simon
  11. Another image
  12. Adventure 7 with D3/60AFS, Sb800, 85mm F1.8 and room for 35mm F2 + another lens underneath the D3 grip
  13. Adventure 7 on my back
  14. Adventure 7 & 9
  15. Adventure 9 holding the following:- D3 with 28/70 f2.8 AFS attached SB800 flashgun Nikkor 14/24 f2.8 AFS ( bottom right ) Nikkor 105 F2.8 AFS VR micro ( bottom left ) Nikkor extenders 1.4 EII & 1.7 EII ( above 105 VR ) Spare D3 battery below the 28/70 lens
  16. Adventure 9 on my back
  17. Alvin,

    I hope these images help you, as you can see the Adventure 9 is a fair bit larger than the Adventure 7. I use the 7 most,
    its physically small but at the same time holds quite a lot of gear, it doesn't look much like a camera bag which is great and
    even when fully loaded the excellent harness does a superb job of distributing the weight. in fact both bags are very
    comfortable to carry.

  18. "Under normal use your gear should not fall out of the Adventure 7 ( or the smaller 6 ) as its design is like the lowepro Orion Trekker bags. However it could be possible for it to fall out of the bigger Adventure 9 & 10 as these bags hold the equipment in a similar fashion to a traditional backpack."

    a-ha! i think my friend has the Adventure 9. when i got my kata we compared them side by side. she said that stuff sometimes fell out of the flat vertical opening (from the photo you can see how this could happen) and remarked that it was nice how the kata compartment was set at a more diagonal angle. when you open it, it slides out like a shelf. and it's removeable in case you just want to use it like a backpack.

    in any event, that wouldn't happen with the adventure 7, looks like.
  19. Simon, thanks so much for the pictures. I really appreciate it as I was afraid that I could not fit the gear I intend into the Adventure 7. Seeing those pictures really allayed those concerns of mine.

    What a coincidence that I am looking for the exact same bag as yours. I think that the camouflage prints bag is the nicest among the three colours.

    I think I will go for the Adventure 7 rather than the 9 too because the 9 seems a little big for my needs. Plus, I am not the biggest of built and I think that the 9 will probably overwhelm my entire frame. Lol. Thanks once again.

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