Backpack for 500mm?

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  1. I have the oldest version of a Nikon 500/f4. With age and health, I need a bit of help carrying this beautiful bugger.

    There is the Tamrac 5793 and the Lowepro 600aw, ( and possibly more.) Which is better or are they a waste of effort?

    A somewhat comfortable pack allows a free hand to schlep a set of monster legs.

    Thank you, in advance.
  2. Have a look at Think Tank's Glass Taxi and Glass Limo.
  3. If the thinktanks’ you mentioned are anything like their streetwalker bags, I would stay away from those, as far possible.
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  4. I have to walk that one back. The streetwalker pack was flimsy and a pain. I later realized that I have a couple ThinkTank, holsters, for pro bodies.

    They are excellent.
  5. There are alternatives to packs. Good straps that make the load seem lighter are those from Black Rapid. ( Black Rapid Snap , Dante Stella ), There are much cheaper clones but I haven't tried them myself.

    They seem to still be in business:
    Camera Slings - BLACKRAPID
  6. Lowepro 500AW II

    Fits my Canon 500mm f4, Body and Teleconverters and a front pocket for smaller things. (Body is not attached to lens)

    Flipside 500 AW II

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