Backlit Palms

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  1. Captured this one during April of 1999 (that's where I'm up to in adding keywords). Location was somewhere in the "Nariva Swamp" vicinity of Trinidad. No specific reason for taking the shot . Just thought it'd make a nice pic. Did try to tone down the glare a little, but it just didn't look right.

  2. Shifting color to very warm (sunrise/sunset) might make the glare seem more understandable.
  3. As near as I can recall this was late afternoon getting close to sunset but a still relatively high sun. Notes indicate it was some time in April.
    Didn't think of shifting the color though. Thankyou, I'll give it a try and see what happens.
  4. Ok! Tried! Didn't work!! But! May've been using the wrong approach. Pardon my ignorance, but as I understand it. When you want to warm up an image you shift the color balance toward red. Anyway that's what I tried. What did seem to make a difference however, was going into levels and using the eyedropper to pick out the black point. Not much of a difference, but it did make a difference.

  5. The palms are in an awkward state between silhouette and the suggestion of detail. They look muddy to me, unfocused. Forgetting the foreground and shooting from closer and below, right through the palms at the cool sky might have proven interesting.* This just feels like a miss to me, though it's clear why you shot it.

    *I know that may not have been possible, but still what's suggested to me, if not for this time, for the future.
  6. Thankyou, and future reference noted.
  7. Like it. Very cool vibe to it.
  8. Thank you
  9. "Warm" would be more like sunlight. In crayola think that would be more like orange. "Red" is magenta plus cyan. That means it's more "blue" than it is warm.
  10. It might be fun to print two of these, one of them flipped laterally. Not suggesting a panorama, just suggesting two adjoining prints.
  11. Mirror image!
    There's several images I've done that with. Laterally and\or vertically (only two however that I actually combined). If I were to do that it wouldn't be with this particular image though but with the one that I posted under "More Backlit Palms"

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