Back-up bodies vs complementary bodies - they're not the same thing

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  1. I do not shoot events or anything like that but my camera is a Leica M6 and it never breaks. If I go on vacation I am positive it will work fine. I just own the one camera and do not have or need a back up camera..
  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member long as you aren't getting paid to record a one time event. I have never had a Leica or Nikon fail, but when I was getting paid for photos, I always had backup. The only time I needed it was when a flash failed. I had a spare. Comforting to know you can do the job whatever happens.
  3. A spare card and a battery or two might be a good idea. Those do fail.
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  4. I do not do any jobs with a camera. I enjoy B/W photography and wet printing for a hobby is the extent of it. Anyway one camera is all I need.
  5. Interesting discussion - no right answers, just personal preferences and budget constraints probably. I have two Canon 7Ds fitted with different lenses. I went that route after getting annoyed with the difference between cameras and having to do a mental reset when picking up the second camera/lens combo. It was one less thing to worry about. And, only one set of spare batteries and cards so that's easier. So, not really a backup I suppose, definitely lean to the complementary approach.
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  6. Having a back up camera exactly the same as you main camera makes the most sense, but that ain't no fun.
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  7. My D750 blew a shutter (for the second time) a week before I was heading to the south shore of Lake Superior. I didn't want to borrow or rent a camera because I am rough on my equipment and my D300 doesn't work and is not worth fixing so I bought a GoPro Hero 8 to experiment with for two weeks. It was a great learning experience because of its limitations and it definitely made me a better photographer. Compose assuming you are not going to crop, look for interesting subjects in nice light knowing that the dynamic range is limited. I still haven't used it for video but will eventually. It is a fun camera to use, can fit in small openings and is about as unobtrusive as you can get. A good phone camera or decent point and shoot can get as good or even maybe better results but I am sticking to with it even though I got my D750 back because it is a fun camera to use. I am going to put a shout out for some hip couple that will let me shoot their wedding with it. gopro110-(1-of-1)-copy.jpg
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  8. Some pros take a Leica M4
    And hide her away from the rest of the world
    I'm shooting street with an old Summicron
    Are pros allowed to have fun
    Oh, pros, just want to have -
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