Back Adapters for Super 23 vs. Universal

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by yefei_he|1, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hi, Folks,

    There is an older post here that states the G-adapter and Polaroid back for
    the Super 23 is not interchangeable with those for the Universal. Does this
    mean the M adapter is not interchangeable either? I am quite looking forward to
    acquiring one of those cameras. Guess I need to be careful when looking for
    matching adapters and film backs.


  2. OK, after spending some time reading through the posts here, I think I got the answer myself. The Super 23 doesn't take adapters like the Universal does. It was made either to take Graflex type backs or the M-type backs. Certainly not as flexible as the Universal. So it seems there are no such things as G-adapter and M-adapter for the Super 23.


  3. I believe that's correct - and also why the Universal is "universal", and not *just* "super". :)
  4. Yes, the Super 23 will only take G-type backs and accessories _or_ M-type ones. Depending on the Super 23 version you have, you are locked into either the G(raflok) or M(amiya) systems. And a Polaroid back is simply not possible. The Universal can take all three types: Polaroid (without adapter), G (with the rare and hence expensive G adapter), and M (with the much more common M adapter). I have never really seen the point of the G adapter - there are no G backs that match the film flatness of the M ones, or match the convenient interlocks of the late M ones (Type 3 with the built in shutter release). The only use I can see for a G system would be for the 6x8 motorized Mamiya RB67 backs. An M-type Super 23 is very good value if you don't want to shoot Polaroids.

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