baby grey rollie 4x4

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  1. Hi all,
    Made a impulse buy today. Finally had a chance to buy the
    diminutive baby Rollieflex.Man is it pretty! Pretty much unused
    almost mint, and only $40.00. It needs a cla and maybe a shutter
    overhaul so might anyone know who is good at repairs on these? Also
    I want to process B&W myself and need to know if there are any steel
    processing reels/tanks that would take 127 film. I figure the neg
    size is almost 2x's 35mm and can use my Leitz 1C autofocus enlarger
    (super slide)and then there is the beautiful Xenar lens...Rollie
    quality in a portable and gem like package!
  2. I last processed 127 in a GAF/Ansco plastic tank; that had a adjustable spiral real for 35mm; 127; and 120/620. It had a rachet type feed; the top and bottom halfs are rotated back and worth; and the film walks thur the spiral. ANY wet spot on the reel halts the film. This was 2 decades ago+ that I had this tank; saw one in a trift store for 1 dollar in mint condition; and passed it up...Next day it was gone. I hope a begineer got it and put it to useage. <BR><BR>The baby rollie's are cute. My neighbor had one in the early 1960's; and made "super slides"' in standard 2x2" mounts. <BR><BR>127 is abit scarce; I last saw it sold in the Eastern European brand names; in the photomagzines big selles; B&H ?<BR><BR>
  3. One agitated the GAF tank by rotating the thermometer; which went vertical thru the tank; and rotated the spiral. This was my brothers tank circa 1960? ; the trift store one I saw was last fall; I goofed by not buying it. I have a couple of old brownies that use 127; and hope to find some film.<BR><BR> Stainless reels would be cool; Im sure they were made; but not sure how rare they are. I have seen reels for 110; 616/166; so my bet 127 reels were made too.
  4. freestyle Photo Sales in LA, and B&H both carry 127 film. I bought the Macphoto B&W also for a Baby Rollei.

    As for who repairs them, I'd try the same folks who fix full size Rollei TLRs: Ross Yerkes or Harry Fleenor in L.A., Paul Ebel in Wisconsin, or Mark Hama in Georgia.

    BTW, I also have a Grey Baby Rollei, pretty much in the same shape as yours. (Mine cost me $50). It's beautiful, but the slow shutter speeds are way off from lack of use. I got a Patterson Film Developing Tank and reels to do my B&W 127 film. The reels are adjustable to the right size. Not steel, however, made of plastic.
  5. Hello,

    Wow, where on earth did you get a Rollei Baby for only fourty bucks!
    That is one hellofa lot of camera for 40 dollars. I own a Sawyers Mark IV and really enjoy shooting it, small light camera, big negative, what more could a photographer ask for.

    In responce to your inquirey about getting the shutter CLAed; I would be happy to do the work, and the good news is that it can be done for around 2 hours of labor and a total expense of 50 bucks. I warranty the work for one full year and if you are really nice I will sell you a Nikor stainless steel 127 film reel for only 5 bucks.

    If you are interseted in the CLA, please contact me at

  6. I have dealt with these people, very nice, fast, and pretty cheap.

    I have a Yashica 44, as beautiful in it's own way as the Rollie, bought from a retiring photographer in Florida. I do regret missing o out on a perfect Baby Rollie at a photo shop in Boston in the mid 80's. Even then 127 film was hard to get.

    Any leads on more Nikor reels for this size would be appreciated.

    tim in san jose
  7. Thanks much folks, for all the needed info on an obscure camera!

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