B&W Filter?

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  1. Many years ago I new a person who had a filter, similar to a
    polarizer in operation, except it appeared to be for B&W
    photography. Specifically, one would rotate the filter and it would
    change color from yellow to orange to red and back again. I have
    never again seen one of these. I'm not sure of how the quality would
    be, but I'minterested in adding one for my minimalist Leica M system.



  2. Spiratone used to market a series of "Colorflow" or maybe "Colorflo" filters that were really designed for special effects on color film. Otherwise I can't remember anything else that might fit your description.
  3. George,

    The only thing that I can think of, that comes close to what you are talking about, is the fairly new type of polarizing filter available which changes color as you rotate it. Singh-Ray is one manufacturer. I don't know whether any one else makes any.

  4. Well George, the first idea that came to my mind is the good system made by Cokin, a French based company.

    check on http://www.cokin.fr/

    There is among the system a set specialized for PnS Digital that may be useful for the M6.

    Look at the site and tell me (off line).

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