B&W Film/dev recommendations for 8x11 newbie

Discussion in 'Minox' started by martin_pistor, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Hi folks,
    I`m of course not new to fotography, as well as film development or
    Again, got a new toy, a minox B.
    First test film (Kodak Plus X at ISO 200 dev. in T-Max dev.)was quite
    nice, still with a special look wich seems to be improvable.
    Any recommendations from all you specialists?
    I´m of course looking for fine details rather defined contour but
    softer overall contrast.
    Naturally I`m cutting the stuff myself, so any film available in 135
  2. Since Minox 8x11 negative is about 1/3 the linear dimension of 35mm negative, to enlarge to same size print, the grains of Minox film
    is enlarged three times of that of 35mm negative. ASA 200 film
    is a bit grainy <p> YOu may try Ilford Delta 100 or Ilford PanF+<p>
    Or even Kodak Technical Pan, which will give you grainless 8x10"
    For developer, look for fine grain developer, such as Xtol etc.

    Personally I like to used Agfa Rodinal Special, diluted to
    1+60, develop PanF+ or Technical Pan 16 minutes 20 degree C in
    Minox tank.<p>
  3. After fooling around with a lot of different films and developers, I've been doing well for a few years now with Kodak T-Max 100 in good old D-76 1:1 at Kodak's recommended times. I routinely get beautiful 5x7 prints from my better negatives (and 4x5s from the ones that are a bit tougher to print). Contrast can be a bit high and highlights have a tendency to blow out sometimes, but the sharpness and grain make the trade-off worth it. Of the older-style 100-speed emulsions, I recommend Agfa APX 100 (aka Minopan 100), which is nearly as fine grained as TMX and has a much nicer look. (But I give it much less development time than Agfa recommends - only 9 minutes in D-76 1:1 at 68 degrees.) While it's not as fine grained as TMX, the contrast isn't as severe, and APX is just a beautiful emulsion. On the question of film speed, I have never found using 100 to be a problem in the Minox. I've made everything from amusement park night shots at 1/2 second to beach shots at 1/1000 with one of the filters on, and gotten good results. (Following conventional wisdom, you may *think* that you can't shoot in ordinary room light with 100-speed film, but given the Minox's lack of vibration and ease of hand-holding, you'd be surprised what good results you can get at 1/20 or 1/10 second!)
  4. You may also take a look at http://www.8x11film.com, Agfa Copex Rapid developed in SPUR Nanospeed developer may give good result.
    However you must be careful in handling Copex, the antihalation layer
    is quite soft, prone to scratch.<p> The following picture was taken
    with Copex Rapid, developed in SPUR NANOSPEED in Minox tank, enlarged
    to 8x10" with Minox enlarger II

    <img src="http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?photo_id=983844&size=md">
  5. Agfa APX 25 is still available in factory loads. Developed in Rodinal it stands virtually alone in quality. If you find yourself in a situration where that's too slow, just push/pull/click/click twice and drop in APX 400. I like Rodinal for that too.
  6. Agfa APX 25 is my favourite B&W film, I still have two 50' bulk rolls
    of APX 25 in the fridge.<p>

    I think I shall keep this bulk for 35mm camera, and use factory
    loaded Minopan 25 ( APX 25) for Minox.
    I shall load some APX 25 in my newly acquired Leica IIIc with Summitar 1:2 50mm lens<p>

    I am waiting for an OLO rotary scissors to make a 16mm to 9.2mm
    cutter for Agfa Copex 16mm bulk film.

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