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  1. Over on APUG, there is now a thread about B+W filters. All concern Bay-series I.II, or III. All seem to have been purchased from B&H. There seems to be a new method of construction--gluing the element in instead of using a retaining ring. Several users have reported that the element has popped out of the mount.
    I looked at mine, a Bay-III special ordered from B&H, and it really does have what looks like silicone bathtub caulking compound holding the filter element. There are front, internal threads, but no retaining ring. I am a little disconcerted after paying a lot of money for a B+W filter.
    Anybody know anything about this?
  2. Isn't the man who is marketing rep for B+W active on APUG? Try asking him?
  3. >>...Try asking him?...<<
    Yes, they have a rep who frequents these fora. However, I doubt that it is a B&H problem simply because B&H is only a common denominator because they are one of the few places left where these can be obtained. It is likely that it is a B+W issue and the guys on the other forum will likely address that eventually.
    I really could care less how they secure the filter element, but the reports of them popping out are disturbing. It bothers me, too, that these seem not to be marked as B+W and every other B+W filter that I have is so marked.
  4. I was refering to the HP Marketing rep, the distributor of B+W filters and much more, not the B+H rep, the retailer.
  5. Anybody know anything about this?​
    Not yet but I'm following the APUG thread and have included our filter buyer via email.
    The HP Marketing person is, I believe, Bob Salomon. They do not distribute B+W filters as far as I know.
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