B&H still a good online seller?

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  1. I have never had a single issue with B&H.
    How did they get the old address?
    Is it anywhere on your order screen?
    I expect the invoice shows which address it was shipped to.
    As stated above the order formats sometime make it easy to make a mistake when ordering.
    Amazon is a classic example.

    Have you tried contacting the people at the address it was shipped to?
    You might be pleasantly surprised......Some people can be downright honest and nice about getting your things to you.
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    I have this recent experience with Amazon (which has nothing to do with B&H, but there could be similar situations). With Amazon, I have three addresses under my account, home, PO Box, and my work address. Apparently the work address is the default.

    I put a few items in my "shopping cart" and wanted Amazon to ship to my home address, and I selected that address. However, instead of checking out immediately, I looked at some other items .... I don't remember exactly which pages on Amazon I viewed, but by the time I finally checked out, the address was somehow reset to my work address again. When I got the order confirmation e-mail, I noticed the wrong address (which would still have been ok in this case) and immediately made a correction..
  3. I have ordered a lot from B&H, and just last week received ~$400 worth of film. I've had zero issues.

    I will say, however, that I always have things shipped to work.
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  4. In general, you are obliged to pay sales or use taxes on purchases shipped to you from outside your state. However, the state cannot require the vendor to collect the taxes unless it has a physical presence (nexus) in that state. Until Congress acts, the situation will remain the same, as decided by the Supreme Court. There are over 3000 taxing bodies in the U.S., which gravely complicates the process.
  5. When I did my Kentucky tax return last week, as I do every year, I checked my records for out of state mail order purchases and added the requisite 6% to the relevant line on my form 740.

    Amazon has a physical presence in Kentucky, and collects sales tax on every purchase. B&H does not, so they go into the total I pay at the end of the year. In addition, as per my understanding, if I physically make a purchase out of state and pay sales tax over the counter(a common situation is me going to a closer and less crowded Wal-Mart in southern Indiana) I don't need to pay that either. Everything else, though, gets to the state on my tax return.

    Of course, it's on the "honor system" but I still want to make sure I stay legal.
  6. I do not think any state would exempt you from paying sales tax when you purchase from B&H. It's different in each states and in many states you can get away with it but it's still illegal.
  7. There's virtually no exemption on paying use tax on out of state purchases, unless those items are exempt in your home state (e.g. food, prescription drugs, etc.). While people refer to paying sales tax on those purchases, the correct term is use tax.

    States are now resorting to demanding that companies like B&H notify them of shipments to consumers in their states. On another chat site, a user in Colorado received a letter from B&H, stating that his purchases (over $3K) had been reported to the Colorado taxing authorities. That type of action forces the issue, knowing that Colorado is likely to dun the resident for payment of Colorado's use tax. I would imagine that companies would comply rather than have to fight x number of lawsuits filed by various states.

    The state treasurers all communicate with each other, either through normal means, or during confabs. They'll figure out a way to get the tax money due.them.
  8. I order from them all the time.You should, too.
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  9. Web No: 1049685611
    We received your order via our web site. No one looked at the shipping address and certainly no one edited it. We use the information the customer provides to us and the order is processed from computer to computer with no human interaction except that products are removed from warehouse shelves and placed into shipping boxes. The ship-to address we used was the one we received from you.

    During the order, before it was submitted you had the opportunity to review the order and make any necessary edits or corrections. When we received the order we replied via email with an order confirmation and asked again that you check the contents and contact us if any update was needed. The order was processed and the merchandise was shipped as the order was submitted to us.
    • Have you tried reaching out to the people in the old address?
    • Normally your credit card company would also help you dispute the charge. They have insurance to deal with that.
  10. Yes, again, have you contacted the people at the address it was shipped to?

    Not sure the charge is disputable if the wrong address was part of the order.
    In spite of the old adage, the customer is not always right.

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