B&H still a good online seller?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by chuck, May 12, 2015.

  1. No, not anymore. They used to be very solid and reputable and I had been ordering from them for nearly 20 years. This month I ordered some items and nothing arrived. B&H claims they shipped the items to a place I haven't lived in several years -- they must have gotten that address from old orders, because I entered my correct current address when I placed the order. I now don't have my stuff or my money. B&H customer service refused to do anything about it -- they told me that they shipped the items and it doesn't matter to whom. I emailed the CEO to ask for help and got back a response saying that not only does he back up his customer service's refusal to fix their mistake, he's even willing to go to the length of lying to the credit card company to dispute the credit card chargeback (he intends to tell them I put in the wrong address when I ordered).

    There are a lot better options for honest online merchants these days: Adorama, Amazon, Kenmore Camera. I will be avoiding B&H and would recommend the same to anyone.
  2. They are still as good as they ever were---excellent ! Your sales tax issue will vary according to the state in which you live.
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    When you order from B&H via their web site, the order confirmation clearly specifies the "ship to" address. See the example in my recent order (this year, in 2018). If you specified the right address and that is confirmed in the e-mail, but B&H shipped to a wrong address, I would imagine that B&H is responsible. In my case, my address is now slightly different from before, and the change is reflected in the confirmation.

    However, in case you accidentally clicked on an old address, that is your fault. I can see that can easily happen. It is best to delete all out-of-date addresses from your account to avoid errors.

    Situations are pretty much the same with Amazon. I have been ordering from B&H and Amazon for over 20 years. I don't even recall one bad experience with either one of them.

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