<b>ADMIN: Dealing with Garbage Posts</b>

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by rowlett, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Please help me out. When you see offending posts that are vulgar or obscene, or obviously made to anger or attack another participant, PLEASE ignore them and refrain from making comment. Simply pretend the offending posts don't exist. Continue contributing yourself, even to the same thread as the offending post. You see, a response from you is just what they want! If, upon revisiting the thread in a day or so, you see the offending post still there, that means I missed it. You can write to me and I will tend to it. Meanwhile, I will make every effort to be more diligent in weeding out the childish stuff. Thanks for your patience and understanding and cooperation.

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