Aviation term that also apples to digital photog.

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  1. Hi All

    Some years ago I read a term used in a photo forum site. I think it was Photo.net. I liked the term very much, but I can't remember it. It was from the field of aviation & it meant for two functions to be mutually exclusive. It was, IIRC, more succinct than the words “mutually exclusive”. If someone knows the word I'm looking for, I would be very appreciative, Jonathan
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    oxymoron ? … term often used in scientific work / papers to point out the lack of meaningfulness.
    … as well in declaration of counteractive systems in technical applications, aviation, ...
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  3. Thank you n-j
    I'm familiar w/ oxymoron. Although it fits as an answer to my question, it would not have stuck in my head as a question.
    I really liked the term & would like to have it back in my eroding brain, Jonathan
  4. n-j


    … know what u are talking about … ;):(

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